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    Relation of migration and development.

    Migration is a universal phenomenon in human history. Since ancient times, there is a tendency to migrate to humans, which is present in the present and will also remain in the future. Many reasons are responsible for migration.

    Demographers have divided the reasons for migration into two major categories, the first being the factors that attract a person to the place where employment opportunities, education facilities, health, and recreational facilities are available in abundance. These are called attractive factors. Other factors are those which force a person to leave his place of residence. These include economic, social, political, cultural, and demographic factors.

    If migration is the problem, then the only solution is regional development. What is your opinion to what extent the migration is appropriate?
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    If the development is uniform in all the parts of the country, there may not be a need for migration. But it is very difficult to have uniform development. Hence migration will be necessary always. The earning chances and job availability is less in rural areas. Hence people are forced to migrate to cities and towns where the ways and means for earning a livelihood are more. This is the only way a person can survive.
    In United Andhra Pradesh al investments were made in Hyderabad and many organisations and industries came up in and around Hyderabad only and many people moved here and Hyderabad expanded like anything. Now the State is divided into two States and Hyderabad went to Telangana. Now Andhra Pradesh lost income because of this division. People from that State will have to migrate to Hyderabad where there are jobs and businesses,
    The governments are responsible for this and they should make a decision to see that the development will never be concentrated in only place and it should get distributes evenly.

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    Migration has been the biggest problem for many nations in the world and India in particular because we have more labor class who are existing on hand to mouth living style and they want daily work with daily wage concept. Not all the states in India recognized this requirement of labor oriented infrastructure projects and thus labors from many states migrated to South where the construction activities are on full swing and they were paid good. But sudden advent of Covid pandemic has caused untold miseries as the construction activities gone mute and contractors could not pay the salaries and thus migrants felt they should return to their home town .Now the situation has changed as many states initiated own labor schemes and even hiked the daily wages and thus migrants are no more a problem facing crowd for some states as of now.
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    Migration is a natural reaction of people or even animals against adverse situations. The migratory birds migrate to hot climates in winters and travel such a large distance every year. If migration is not leading to any conflict then there is no problem but when the people who are migrating from one place to other become a economic or social load in the latter place then it is a source of big confrontation and that leads to ugly situations. There are no easy solutions to check migration. In the recent Syrian civil war millions of people have migrated from Syria to nearby countries in Europe. Turkey has accommodated the maximum refugees. Many European countries have also on human grounds accommodated these refugees. Tomorrow these refugees could be a religious and cultural load on all those countries who have kind heartedly accepted them. What is the solution? Whenever there is a war in that region refugees spread to the affluent countries in Europe.
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