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    Jawans live in tents and fight, Prime Minister tours in costly flight

    Recently, a tall (actually short) opposition leader has commented "While our Jawans are living in tents, our Prime Minister is touring in a costly flight (Air India One).

    Is it a right comment and comparison. Where will our Jawans live to fight? How will our PM go on tour? What the leader thinks about? What he really expects our Jawans and PM to do?
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    You have not named the leader. Hence it is just my guess only.
    It appears the leader has not used the ready knowledge available from his own family to know: about Prime Minister(s) and about planes and pilot(s). Also probably the leader is not aware that the Armed forces have three wings, Army, Navy and Air Force. For the army wherever needed and possible the Air Force gives air cover protection from planes during operations. The Navy also has its air wing for surveillance and our navy has even aircraft carrier to drive away and/or fight the enemy.

    Till we provide suitable special education to aspiring political leaders to learn about our country and its various aspects, and till making it compulsory and mandatory to pass such education to be a political leader (and/or MP and MLA) we will be hearing such sort of statements and golden opinions.

    As they say charity begins at home, it is imperative know that our learning should start about own family heritage first.

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    These comments by that leader will make us understand the level of understanding the leader. A common man will also understand what is the role of a Jawan and what is the role of a PM. I think if he becomes PM he may go and sleep with Jawans leaving the country to dogs.
    The very unfortunate issue here is the lack of understanding about the administration and the role of elected people in doing the execution properly. Even in an office, we see a senior officer will be sitting in a separate room and others may be sitting in a big hall with partitions. That is not important.
    What are the roles and responsibilities of each person should be known to all these leaders? Especially in our country criticising the leaders of other parties is common and they will go to such a low level in that process where a common man also may understand the maturity levels of these leaders.

    always confident

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    The political leaders make many comments without any substance. They need not be taken seriously. There is no point in commenting on one particular leader. All the present political leaders are the same. They make some silly comments and when questioned, they simply say that they are misquoted.
    " Be Good and Do Good "

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    We can expect some comments from the same leader about the seaplanes that have been introduced in Gujarat over River Narmada on the Unity day. He might ask "Should we have seaplanes in India while our jawans are suffering in ice cold chill weather in our border?"
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    I think without knowing the context of the statement no comment can be made. It appears that the author highly dislikes that leader and he intends to criticize him. And he wants that his criticism should be corroborated.
    I don't trust politicians, nor follow them. They all are alike. They don't miss the chance to criticize each other. We are not politicians, so we should stay away from what they do and what they say against each other.

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    It is not that I dislike the leader. Even if any PM bullshits, I would question him. Even I criticized the PM who attended the Bhoomi pooja for Ram Temple as a Prime Minister of India. That should have been left to some religious leaders to preside and perform the pooja. I call a spade a spade.
    Indeed, it was a immature talk of that tall but short leader. He behaves like a Bachhu in the parliament too.

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    It is quiet common that people tends to bring out such unexpected beautiful comments during election campaigns. People opt such dailogues to create a sense of attraction in changing their talks, connecting to the sections of people from whom they can get sympathy.
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    Very absurd observation from the very short sighted short leader who does not know the difference between the responsibility of PM and the duties of a Jawan. This particular leader unable to digest the fact that the PM is getting popular and every election seems to be blessing for the BJP party and surging ahead. He always rakes of sensitive issues and even defame our Jawans. If the Jawans are staying in tent and fighting for the country at the border is their valor and pride for the nation which they are displaying with courage and commitment. Jawans need to be alert against the enemy overtures and thus stay put in the tents. Will the so called short leader ask the Jawans stay in the barracks when he comes to power? Such a foolish statements demoralize the forces and it is better he should keep the mouth shut for the better of his party.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
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    If the same leader grand father used the plane to wash his clothes and iron the same in UK and for which special flights were operated on those days, what he has to say for that.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Why go back to his Grandpa. Look at this guy who cannot put his back on a tractor mudguard, but wanted to sit on a specially made cushion seat to participate in a farmer's rally. If an MP can think of this, why not an active PM think of anything beyond. Did he ever worry about the farmers working in the field without clothes and footwear? Did he ever felt pity for the poor farmers who generate food for this guy to live?

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    That was the good piece of information shared by the author that this particular leader does gimmick to have the media attention and nothing more than that. The other day he was walking and seems to have lost the balance and fell on the ground sorry on the grass. if the fall was not pre determined, it should have happened naturally but if see the video , it seems to be dramatized to have the sympathy and publicity for him and even his wink and having a embrace pose with PM Modi inside Parliament is for show purpose and not came from inside heart. So what ever he does has the chocolate boy taste.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    After reading the response of members it is very clear that the not so great leader is none other than our Great Indian laughter challenge permanent winner.

    This leader (kid) does not even know the full form of NCC, so expecting anything mature from him is like expecting sunshine at night.

    So listen to him for entertainment and not for any serious engagement.

    Live before you leave.

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    Prime Minister is a respectful post and is the supreme authority in the country. We have selected him to rule the country in a way for overall progress of the country and there is a decorum of that post and talking lowly and loosely about it is in a bad taste. Any person doing that is risking his own reputation. When we spit on sun that is the centre of the solar system then it falls back on our own face.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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