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    The real volunteering spirit never dies

    We have a park cum playing ground in the nearby area where seniors were going in the morning time and some of us did some volunteer work there and planted trees and made some flower beds in the peripheral spaces etc and the local administration also provided some basic amenities like building a walking pathway and erecting electricity flood lights so that in late evening also people can walk there and children could play. Due to Covid-19 we stopped going to the park and it remained deserted for quite some time and during the rainy season a lot of wild plants and grass has grown there making it inaccessible for playing. Only the pathway is clear where some people have started going for a walk. There is no mingling and we are walking by keeping a distance in between. Yesterday morning, I found some more seniors there and they told that we would start some cleaning work there so that slowly we can bring it to back its earlier stage. So, as the Covid-19 in this area appears to be moving to a contained situation we thought that by taking care of ourselves using sanitisers and other precautions we could at least devote some time there in the morning for the clearing of flower beds etc. Today when I went there I found that some people have already started the small voluntary contribution from their side and it was so encouraging that many of us decided to join and within one day spending hardly an hour there we had cleared one corner completely and with this speed I think within a month we would be making it clean and beautiful. Everyone felt excited and happy and I was just thinking that the real volunteering spirit never dies.
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    Unity is strength. This can be clearly noticed in your thoughts. It is good that we keep our surroundings clean. People can take turns as well you could also set aside space for each one's work so that they stay aloof. Park is a place where many people walk. It is better to take precautions so that a lively sunrise will bring in the happiness back to normal.
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    When the community with good members are always have the urge to bring normalcy and change in the thought process and in this case the park was nurtured, looked after and used by the seniors and regulars to the park and therefore has the responsibility also to maintain the same. In some community and society there would be some go getting persons who would initiate such reviving programs through which others gets inspired and they would also join the herds. In our colony the speeding vehicles on the colony main road were the problem as the children would be moving on cycles. I volunteered to keep some stones in the line to trend slowly. On seeing that our ward corporator has arranged the plastic speed breaker and now the vehicles are getting slow and the children lives are not at risk. So we have community responsibility also.
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    True. When we have good intentions to do certain works we will definitely feel happy in doing those works. When we have no interest to do the work and somebody forces the work on us we may not be feeling happy for the same and we will not do at our maximum potential. This is natural.
    All of you are having a real liking for cleaning the area and nobody forced the work on you/. So you are all participating in the work more actively. That is good and I hope the work you have started will be completed within the time period mentioned by you.
    Many parks are in the same state around our area also and nobody is going for a walk there. But there is a caretaker for a particular park and that is maintained well and no grass and all that. Some people are seen in that park in the mornings these days.

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    The sincere and serious volunteers will not forget their incomplete tasks. There are many such stories due to the corona threat where people stopped their good work and isolated themselves in the house. Many NGOs also closed down. Now some of them are trying to restart their good work by taking proper precautions especially in those parts of the country where the Covid-19 threat appears to be contained or its intensity is reduced. Let us hope the activities are back to their earlier levels and those who were having jobs get their jobs back and the volunteers also start working for their own satisfaction.
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