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    Teachers have a great role to develop the sense of responsibility

    The sense of responsibility of a person must develop from childhood. There are a lot of people who do not want to take any kind of responsibility which is creating problems everywhere. The awareness campaigns are going on at random but many people are just careless. Anyhow they try to evade their responsibility and others face the trouble. The teachers have a great role here. Along with the parents, they can help the children to develop a sense of responsibility. Unfortunately, many teachers do not think they have a great role to play to develop the nation because they consider teaching just like any other profession. Recently I came across with such personalities who take pride in being teachers but always find excuses when they are given a task. In the beginning, they say they will definitely do it but when the time comes they remain aloof by providing some excuses or the other. If a teacher becomes like that I am sure they won't be able to develop the character of children and ultimately the nation will suffer. There are a lot of marvellous teachers from whom we all learn things but there are also teachers who think teaching just like any other profession. Actually, I think while applying for the job of a teacher the emphasis is mostly given on academic qualification and clearing the required examination for the post. But the ability to inculcate good habits, which is of prime importance, is not taken into account in general. Ultimately, society remains the loser. Members, what do you say?
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    I agree with the author. Indeed teachers have great responsibility towards their students. In past, teachers would focus on inculcating good manners, providing moral teachings and transforming their students into a responsible citizens and when they would grow older they would become a good human beings with best of qualities. but now a days teachers are professional creatures. They are least bothered about their students for such issues. They focus on teaching within their syllabus. I think parents should not rely on school teachers that they will raise their children in these lines. It's better for them to take this responsibility instead of leaving it to their children's teachers if they really want to see their children to be a responsible citizen.
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    Teaching is a noblest profession and has it's own values. A teacher is given respect and he is considered as next to God in devotion. Not all teachers are alike, one good teacher is enough to change the mass group with clear instructions. Parents have their own roles in shaping a child's future. They cannot rely on any information but they send their children to schools to gain the basic knowledge. The knowledge of understanding the environment, the people, the culture which is limited at homes. According to my observation, a child, a student listens to his or her teacher better when compared to parents. In this digital world teacher is a person who spends more valuable time with the student as parents may be busy professionals. Parents do not get time to share love and affection as they are into family commitments. Hence, a teacher plays a important role as is responsible in shaping the future of students.
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    It is the universal fact that the children are best molded through the ways and means of teaching and after the parents, the students spend lots of time in the school and therefore highly influenced with the teaching abilities and he command of the teachers on various works and tasks. A stubborn child at the home can be molded to a good caring child at the school, thanks to the concerted efforts of the concerned teacher. Only a teacher knows the behavioral pattern of every child and she is the next mother after the real parents. Especially the pre primary children feels at home with good behavior of the teacher and they sometimes feel they should stay back at the school and need not return to the home. Because some teachers show personal boding with the child which is more than the pamper and way of nurturing from parent.
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    Rightly said by the author. Right from the beginning, the role of the teacher has been important in the development of the child. So, it is said" Guru Brahma, Guru Vishnu, Guru dev bhava". Even today, some teacher is considered as God because of their dedicated work. On the other hand, many of them take it as a professional career and never care for their child. They think this profession is just for earning. They never take responsibility and fulfil their duty instead of children's character moulding. One thing is true that in some cases, children listen to their teacher more compared to parents. So, it is teachers responsibility to take care of their child effectively.

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    Teachers play an important role in our lives at all times, who through their knowledge prepare for this society. And they develop every skill in us, which gives us help in the future. A teacher is the creator of his future in a person's life. He can ride the life of any person through his hard work. In today's present day we see that since education has been privatized, then there has been a lot of change in the behavior of teachers. Due to which his honor has also decreased. The deficiencies that have come in this respect of teachers. The teachers are responsible for this but at the same time, we are also responsible as much. That is why everyone should try to understand the importance of the position of the teacher. And by keeping our thoughts among the people, we should motivate people to give respect and importance to teachers.
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    After the parents, teachers are the people who can influence a child much. They have power to guide and direct the children in a correct direction and inculcate in him all good things. Feeling responsible and taking responsibility is one of those important parameters which if inculcated in right time the child would keep it with him for life long. A good teacher can definitely do it.
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    Teachers have a great role to play. No doubt in this and the statement is 100% correct. Teachers are creating a society for tomorrow. Today's students are tomorrow"s citizens. So making them good citizens is in the hands of teachers also in addition to the parents.
    Teachers should dedicate themselves to this cause and try their best for moulding the children in a decent shape and become good citizens. But we should also respect teachers and see them as a separate entity. But these days the teachers are least respected. Even the government is using them for unworthy works. During the pandemic, the Andhra Pradesh government deputed teachers to oversee the operations of wineshop retail outlets. If such is the treatment we are giving to teachers how we can expect them to discharge their duties perfectly.
    There are good teachers even these days also. A teacher in my village spends half of his earnings for the sake of poor children's education.

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    Being highly qualified for the post of a teacher is not only the criteria, they are supposed to change the attitudes of their pupils by inculcating right blend of discipline among them. This demands a lot of sacrifice from the teacher's side, no authority will come up to suggest the means to train the pupils how the teachers can make them efficient and responsible. However, the unfortunate part is that they cannot isolate themselves from the other sections of employees working in different organisations. In that way, they are not justifying their roles as teachers. They are the backbones of the societies having been entrusted with development of the pupils. Their roles are different from others though they are not to get any incentive for such activities. However. the teachers should understand their responsibilities.

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