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    Adore, care and deal your work

    When we see some dedicated persons who not only work regularly but work in a systematic way and they would not allow any remarks or complaints pouring against their work and ability. Not only they do their work in a more profitable way but also in an easy way. They would also come to the rescue of others in completing their work. Such people must be adored and we should make friends with them as they are the real guiding spirit to the workforce. And when you develop to that stage, help others and care and deal with other's work as your own task.

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    A good advice and guidance by the author but frankly speaking I have come across a very few such people during my active work life. These are the qualities which are generally absent in the people and that is why our work places are always having problems of all sorts regarding job distributions and assignments. It is said that work is worship and if people follow that doctrine then many such attributes would naturally be inculcated in the human beings. These are in fact the necessary requisites for having a cordial and cooperative work place which only results in the impressive bottom lines for any company or organisation.
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    The work of such people, which the author has talked about, is appreciated by all. In this way, the people who have full dedication towards work, the dedication that they have towards their work is also for the interest of society. The work should be done in such a way that it does not have to be reformed again, this saves both our time and energy. The author's suggestion is very good that when we reach this level that our dedication towards our work will be paramount, then we should help others for their work as much as possible, this will increase the feeling of public welfare.
    Swati Sharma

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    Some people think work is worship. They dedicate themselves completely for the cause of the work they have to do. I know a person who is the top boss of a corporate. He does his work very precisely and analyses every aspect to find out the problems that can be faced during manufacturing and used to consider those problems also in designing the work. That attitude gave an advantage to the company and the products of that company got a good name in the market. We should learn from such people and we should learn how to improve our skill in performing our duty. This is good for the individual also as he will become a professional and his works will be admired and his selling value will also increase.
    Learning from the skilled person and applying those skills in our work will give us an edge over other persons. This is true in all cases. Such persons will go up very fast and they will be more successful.

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    There are some people who are very meticulous in their work and do it with full seriousness and concentration. We must learn from their ways and appreciate their virtues of such high order. These are rare people who do their work in perfection and at the same time help the fellow beings also. I would say that these people are like the angels coming from the heavens to help the society in a big way.
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