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    Protective glasses for health workers fighting Covid-19.

    The demand for personal protective equipment (PPE) is increasing to protect the health workers deployed in the frontline fighting Covid-19 from infection. Working in this direction, researchers from the Central Scientific Instruments Organization (CSIO), Chandigarh, have developed techniques for making protective glasses that protect health workers, police, sanitation workers, and common people fighting against the Covid-19 epidemic.

    Researchers say that these protective glasses can help fight this challenge. The glasses are designed to protect health workers from dangerous aerosols as well as other suspended particles.
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    The Central Scientific Instruments Organisation (CSIR-CSIO) has developed safety goggles for the healthcare professionals who are treating patients suffering from. COVID. They transferred the technology to a private company and that company is manufacturing these items. Personal Protective Equipment is very important always for the people who are involved in such hazardous work so that they will not get affected by the disease. That way CSIR labs are doing very good services when there is an emergency and trying to help the public. We should appreciate them for their good work. These glasses will provide full cover and efficient sealing to the eye area
    Mask is sufficient for normal people because they are not regularly dealing with the patients but health workers are always dealing the COVD victims only and hence they should use these glasses.

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    This is a useful information and it is good that such a nice protective equipment is under manufacturing and will help the workers engaged in Covid-19 environment in hospital;s and other such places.
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    ICMR has been cooperating and coordinating with various organizations in giving the best protective gears for the doctors and health workers as they have been confronting the virus and infections for the past eight months now and some have been even risked of getting infected. Having sensed that the doctors and health workers need more protection, the CSIO has been asked to design the best protecting glass shade for them to keep away from the spread of the virus. Most of the government and private doctors are now using the protective gears without which they are not talking to any patients. Though the cases have now been decreased across the country even today the rate of cases load has crossed 42,000 per day and the need for doctors and health workers to take care of themselves has increased further until the vaccine shots are injected to them on priority basis.
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    It is good to note that CSIR-CSIO has designed a protective glass for indigenously manufacturing them for the health workers. There is a big need of these personal appliances for the people who are working in the vicinity of people affected with corona virus.
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