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Always wanted to be a school activity teacher? Let your wishes come true through this activity thread!
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    Role of School Activity Teachers - bring out the teacher in you!

    At the school level, teachers are appointed for specific activities, such as art and craft, painting, music, dance, etc. Let's have an interesting forum activity based on the role of school activity teachers.

    What you have to do: In a response to this thread, write about which activity you would like to teach. Consider it on the school campus and not online.

    1. It could be either for pre-primary kids (Nursery, Kindergarten) or primary school students (Class 1 to Class 5).
    2. It should be only for one class and only one activity (some activities like art & craft are clubbed together, so that is fine, but then you should clearly cover both). Do not mention any Sports or Games, Scouts & Guides, NSS and the like.
    3. Make your response concise, mentioning the activity, the reason why you would love to teach it, and how you would teach it.
    4. You must give one relevant link (not more than one) to a school or course page or to a related article or forum discussion or AE thread.

    Post your entry like this-
    Class: Std. 2
    Activity: Painting
    [below this your write-up]

    Closing date: 6th November 2020.
    Quality entries will get up to 25 points and 25 cc.
  • #713883
    Class- Nursery
    Activity- Post office visiting
    On the school formation day, the principal has asked all the teachers to arrange for small field trip to the nearby malls, parks, police station and post office. I being the pre primary teacher and wants to teach the intricacies of post office and its activities, I have chosen the Sanikpuri head post office for the purpose. Since I have the account in the post office, I took the permission from the post master on Friday evening to visit the office for one hour and he obliged. I took about 15 small nursery students in the school van and they were thrilled to see the activities going on at the post office. Like how the stamps are purchased. how the stamps are affixed , how the money orders are being sent to the near and dear ones and how the letters are sent to the addresses. On seeing so many small children listening to the activities the post master gifted each child with five rupee stamp released recently in the honor of Telangana formation day and the small children felt very happy over the gesture.

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    Class: IV Std.
    Activity: Dance

    I love dancing and it is my passion which does not require need any push or effort. It flows through my body when the music starts. I have undergone training in many dance academy and the best dancers and have even tried my hand in learning different dance forms like Bharatnatyam, Contemporary, Folk, Jazz, Hip Hop and Bollywood style. Due to my interest, I have joined many dance group and have done dance shows with them. After learning and performing it on stages, I now like to teach others the art which is not only loved but even a get form of exercise and stress buster.

    I would like to start teaching children from class IV as they are more flexible to move, fast learners and it is not that difficult to teach them. It would be very good to mix different dance forms and blend it well in a song to form a lovely show for both the viewers and the performers. I have taught many children and they have won prizes in many competitions and now I would take it as a profession and start teaching in schools and make everyone dance to my moves. Many children and parents are influenced by the cinematic dance due to the dancing show that we watch in televisions and thus would like them to learn it through ease without any difficulty. I would start with some basic moves from each dance form with counts and names that will help them to learn it easily. After each move, I will show them with music and then with an expression that can be used accordingly. After learning a few moves, I would frame it into any song and them teach them the needed expression, force and energy required. This will help them to learn each step quickly and remember it without feeling it as a burden. This dance can even be shown on PTA meeting or any function which will encourage the students and their parents.

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    Class: V
    Activity: Environmental awareness

    I was asked by the principal to take the students out for environmental awareness so that they can understand and take care of it in future. I found out that there was a big garden with a small lake about 8 km from the school and I requested the school principal that if school bus is provided I would like to take the students for a trip to that garden which will be amusing for them and will also be a learning experiences. He happily allotted us a bus and we planned to go there on the coming Saturday. I asked the students to keep their water bottle with them and one time meals in their lunch boxes. I wrote the necessary message in their copybooks to the parents about it.

    On Saturday first we assembled in the school and then I briefed them as where we were going and what was the purpose of our visit. We went there and I bought the discounted entry ticket for the students and we entered the garden. There were so many trees and flowering plants and a small lake where fishes were seen and the students really felt very happy and were enjoyed the outing. I told them to gather in a corner and I told them that we will take a tour of the garden and during that we will try to recognise the trees and flower plants and the students who know the names should tell their names and those who do not know should note it and try to remember. Then we started to walk slowly and many students were aware about a few trees and flowering plants but most of them showed a blank and could not tell their names or could not identify them. Then I tried to explain in my own ways to them as how they are different from each other and how their leaves looked different and though some of them were taller but some were very small and looked like decorative plant. One student indicated to a rubber plant telling that it was available in his house. Then I talked about the importance of trees and asked some questions to the students which they replied as per their learnings in school. It was already going to be noon time and then I took them to the small lake where they started to observe the fishes of variety of colour and I gave them a small talk about the importance of fishes in our lives. The students were feeling a lot excited by all this and finally before breaking for our tiffin I took them to the corner of the garden where in a big pit the waste leaves, flowers were dumped. The watch keeper moving in the area told us that they make organic compost from it by watering it and burying it for quite some time and then digging it out as it turns in good manure in 3-4 months time.

    After this we went to a shaded area below the trees where a few benches were there and the students relaxed themselves wherever they found a space to sit. Some of them squatted on the grass ground itself. I asked them to go to the nearby water point and wash their hands before taking their tiffin. After this I directed them to throw the waste of their meals if any in the garbage bins provided at places in the garden. Then we returned to school and by this time the closing time of school was approaching and the students were released.

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    Class: IV
    Activity: Practical craft item

    I had to take up an activity session with the students of class IV and I thought let me teach them as how to make a craft item of utility. My idea was that in future if someone out of them wanted to do a diploma in Craft Programme then they should have some exposure to the basics since their early childhood. So, next day I engaged the students of class IV for an activity period and asked them whether they know how to make some craft items with the help of ordinary paper. Some students told that they can make a boat from it while may others told that they can make an aeroplane. I asked them if anyone knows how to make a useful paper bag using old newspaper or some old paper sheet. No student came forward for that and were just staring towards me. Then I told them that we would learn as how to make a paper bag similar to one that the shopkeepers give us when we do not have a bag for our petty purchases. I had taken some old newspaper with me and arranged an ordinary gum bottle. I gave some newspapers to the students and kept the gum bottle in the centre so that they can use it one by one. I showed them how to make a normal size paper bag by cutting the paper sheet in two parts. I took one part and folded it and pasted the two sides and made it like a cylinder. Now I showed them as how to flatten that cylinder and from one side fold about half inch inwards and then paste it using the glue. Keep it aside for some time and the paper bag is ready to use. Now I asked the students to try it themselves. A few students did it just as they saw me doing but many were not able to do it. So I helped them till almost everyone learned the simple method to make a paper bag from old newspaper. It was a fun activity and the student could learn as how to make a paper bag with old newspaper.

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    Tomorrow is the closing date of this reward program and only four entries have come in. Come on, everyone!
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    Class: Std. 4
    Activity: Yoga

    I have learned yoga and doing it since my school days. I am well aware of its benefits and will be glad to teach the young minds the same. As per science, Yoga creates magical effects if we start at the correct age and time. For adults also yoga works as a stress buster. It also aids in improving your mental status, your immunity, and also helps you to balance your emotions.

    I have chosen class 4 students because this age is the time when kids are no more considered as small children and about to enter their puberty stage. At this stage, kids face so much to handle including both teacher's and parent's expectation and their internal hormonal changes in the body. Yoga will help them to handle their hormonal changes and will provide mental peace and courage to fight the stress. Yoga also helps in improving your body systems including the respiratory system, digestive system, and nervous system. So if Yoga is offering so much to us, then why to start so late. The kids are also very much receptive in nature to learn new things and this is the age when long term habits are adopted. So, if the kids include Yoga in their daily schedule, they will be benefited in many ways.

    I will start with basic yoga like pranayama and sun salutations. Apart from teaching them the steps, I will also explain to them the actual function of all the steps to make them understand the importance of Yoga in their life. Lastly, I will also teach them the Side effects of yoga, if not done in a proper manner.


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    Class: Class II
    Activity: Sanskrit Sloka Chanting

    These days the kids are more prone to English speaking and reading. They are not giving much importance to the mother tongue. So I have the habit of trying to develop interest among the kids in their mother tongue and also I try to develop an interest in them in Sanskrit also. Once or twice I have seen Sankara TV where there are telecasting the videos of children when they are chanting slokas. Taking it as an inspiration I try to teach the kids some Sanskrit slokas whenever there is a chance.

    On that day I was asked the take up the activity class of Class II students in our school. Bharat Convent, Kakinada. I thought it is a good occasion to see that class II students will learn at least one or two slokas in that period. I asked the kids whether any one of them can chant one sloka from Bhagavad Gita. But none of them answered positively. Then I started telling the first sloka of Bhagavad Gita word by word and I wanted them to repeat the word whatever I pronounced. By the time I repeated it 5 times some students made it by heart and then I encouraged those students to stand and chant the sloka. Like that one student after the other started chanting and others followed him. By the time I finished the class almost all the students are able to chant the sloka independently.

    I felt happy and it is a good beginning. If any student is interested or the parents are interested they may continue the same practice whenever they get some time.

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  • #714275
    Class - V
    Activity - Visit the Museum

    The museum is a good medium for children to understand history, so this trip has been planned by the school for information about rare ancient things by taking children to the museum. The museum is the place where you can see a collection of rare items and items of historical importance. In this, dead animals, birds, and natural pelvic plants are also displayed. It is a storehouse of amazing, rare, and precious items.

    A large hall has a collection of rare artifacts as soon as it enters the museum. Many ancient handicrafts, brocade embroidery, drawing, and artistic pottery, and toys of ancient soil are displayed in it. We were surprised to see many ancient toys, different types of metal utensils, etc. With every artwork, her description, and what era she is, it was written in Hindi and English. Many things belong to the time of Harappan and Mohan Jodado civilization.

    This was a collection of different types of idols. The same rare statues of Lord Buddha, Mahavira, Vishnu, Nataraja, etc. were seen. Some of the statues were more than 2000 years old. Some of the statues were of shiny black stone, some were of red or daughter stones. Some idols were also of metal. In the midst of the situation, I was standing a lot of Ashok. Several huge wooden pillars and artistic doors were shown. We also saw amazing specimens of wood digging, which were more than a thousand years old.

    A very ancient coin was recently shown. I was amazed to see copper coins of the Gupta period, gold, and silver coins of the Mughal period. On one side Mughal dresses were displayed. Mughal manuscripts and artistic colorful paintings were also seen.

    Some of the children had such a good experience that they took interest in museology and expressed the need to know the options to make their career in this subject in the future. We gave full details of this to the children - Career in Museology
    Such experiences are very rare, in this we learn a lot of new things with the children themselves, after all, taking knowledge of history in this way is a very interesting experience.

    Swati Sharma

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  • #714313
    Class: Std. 5
    Activity: Art & Craft

    I always love art & craft, especially when it is mainly prepared from the easily available /reusable material in our household or the waste material. For a project, I hardly ever buy anything from the market and try to make it entirely from waste material. I think nothing is a waste and everything have a value. Even a waste thing can be used creatively to make something useful. So, I always try to make best out of waste. If I get an opportunity to play the role of the Activity teacher, I would like to teach Art & Craft activity from waste material to the school children.

    We know that Art and Craft have many benefits. They engage children and nurture creativity among them. It also helps in the development of motor skills, communication skills, attentiveness, listening ability etc. Engagement in Art and craft activity also helps in the physical and social development of a child.

    I will teach them, "How to make a bird's nest from waste material?" For this, in my class, first I will tell them to collect an old shoebox or any other card box and ask to bring it the next day to the Art and Craft class. Next day, then I will guide them in drawing, cutting and making the nest. They will draw a hole and then cut the hole on one side of the box. Then they will colour the box of their own choice. And after making they will be able to take it with their home and can place it wherever they want either in the balcony or garden.

    I will also teach them the utility of placing a nest in the houses, so they may be aware of the bird's habitats. Besides, they will also learn about the value of resources and will be aware of the environment and its protection.

  • #714331
    Class : LKG (Lower Kindergarten)
    Activity: Sorting of pulses.

    LKG is the first year for most students who are ready to write after pre-kg. Most students at this age are enthusiastic in playing, active and messy rather than being disciplined. I got an opportunity to build hand to eye co-ordination, build fine motor skils in the young minds with an assistant teacher. The strength was 36 students.

    Sorting of pulses was introduced as a game in two shifts. Students sitting on their chairs used desk for the activity. A class had six groups with enough spacing available for movement. Children were given a hand full of whole green grams, whole black grams, whole white urdh grams mixed together in a plastic bowl and paper tea cups for segregation. Each group had three - one student is observer, other is supporter, final one is performer. The rule for the game was, they have to use thumb and index finger for the activity. I set the time using the stopwatch for one minute. The quantity of segregation, discipline were the criteria for accepting the winner. They could differentiate colours building competitive skills with discipline and team work.

    Ready, steady, go words were used. Children were happy to complete the activity individually taking turns in a group. This activity also enhances pencil grip which is essential for writing. This activity can be repeated once in month to get better results. Finally I could complete the activity with many winners.

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    Class: Std 5
    Art and craft

    I am an English teacher and also class 5 A's class teacher. The art and craft teacher is absent today, so I need to take up the fifth period of 5 A. The moment I enter the classroom, everyone starts making faces because they thought that the period would be free as the art and craft teacher is absent.

    "Well students, don't be upset. I won't be teaching you English now, but let's have a session of art and craft." Then the students became interested. I gave each student a large chart paper of a rectangular shape. After that, I asked them to draw any image like a balloon, football, cricket bat, aeroplane or any other thing of their interest. When the students finished drawing the objects of their choice, I asked them to cut the images with their scissors. Once they finished cutting, I asked the students to take out their poster colours and their brushes. I have a set of brushes of different numbers which painters use according to the size of the surface one has to paint. I had brought a full-size chart paper on which I made a bird and fixed it on the blackboard. Then, I taught the students how to colour through shading. How and where to use a darker and lighter shade. Finally, I taught them how to outline with the fine brush. When the students finished colouring, I taught them to make a small stand with thin cardboards which I brought for them. After the students cut the stands of the required size and shape, I taught them to paste it behind the drawn images.

    The students became excited as they learnt shading with colours and finally, they even got to know how to make small showpiece. It was a good session.


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    Thanks to all those who participated. The points and cc have been given for all entries as per the jury panel's discussions.
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    Thank you, Jury for your evaluation of the posts and suggesting suitable rewards. As per the posting of Managing Editor, all the entries have been given points and CC. But one entry I find (Not MIne) without CC and extra points. Is this entry was missed while giving the CC and points. Managing Editor may look into it.
    Congratulations to all the members who participated in this contest and made the contest a success. I wish we will have many such competitions in the coming days. I wish all participants will participate in future contests and show their strength and win awards and CC. Thank You ISC for giving a chance to participate in the contest.

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    I think you are confused. The contest you are referring is different. When this contest was announced itself the Managing Editor mentioned that quality entries will be awarded up to 25 points and 25 ccs. There are no prizes separately for this contest.
    The contest you are referring is Innovative College Campus Clubs – creative writing contest. This is just for your information only.

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    Dr Rao,

    It has been rectified now. Thanks for the alert. Points and cc were given to all the entries and perhaps due to some connectivity issue at the time of allotting, it was not showing for that entry.

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    Congratulations to all the participants who has participated in this contest. Varghese and Shampa Sadhya got highest cash credits, well done.
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    Dr Rao, thanks for pointing out. If possible, I will delete that irrelevant comment.
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    Congratulations to all the members who have got the highest cc and also to the other members who have got cc as per their entries. Well done and keep contributing in the forthcoming contests.
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  • #715042
    Congratulation everyone for getting the CC and points for the Role of School Activity Teachers - bring out the teacher in you! I did not think of participating but after reading the first entry, thought of giving it a try. The contest was unique and helped us bring our hidden teaching skills. Thank you jury for finding my entry good and giving Cc for the entry. I would also congratulate every entry as every entry had a different theme and covered its content very well. I would also like to thank Mohanji for his prompt entry that is actually a guide for others who would otherwise not participate. Keep up the good work and keep on posting. Thank you ISC, jury, organisers and participants for completing the contest in a good and competitive spirit.
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