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    Protecting the rivers is our duty.

    Rivers of the whole world are feeling a greater threat to life and sustenance than humans today. There are many reasons for this - pollution, damming of rivers, erosion of catchment areas, sending them to tunnels, floods, and climate change, etc.

    There are plans to clean the river in India too, but the results have not been satisfactory. Today it seems that more than the water of their tributaries in the main rivers is getting dirty water of drains falling in them, containing mud, toxic waste.

    The ways of rivers are being changed, and the commercialization of rivers is continuously increasing, sometimes, it controls the mutual activities and rights of the local people and also to go to the river banks. Today, if we are not hurt by the perils of all the rivers, then it is clear that we have lost our human emotions somewhere.
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    A good thought indeed to protect the rivers from pollutants and toxic wastes. Rivers are the most valuable source of pot water and we must keep them in good shape. Actually they are the source of good quality water to us but if we pollute it and make it dirty then we only would be affected. River beds get a lot of silt deposited and their depths are reduced and it makes them to flood to sides. It is necessary that rivers are to be cleaned time to time to make room for more water and avoid the flood situation at least in the initial phases of the rainy season.
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    Not only rivers protecting every water sources is our responsibility as if we protect them they will serve us in return. Unfortunately most of the lakes and rivers in big towns and cities are being shrink and encroached upon and in Mumbai due to paucity of lands for the dwelling purpose even seas are being encroached to create back bay reclamation pooling of land. In Hyderabad also there were more lakes and rivers during the Nizam era and now they have been encroached to create colonies and thus the recent floods were clearly shown that the water stagnated most at the places where there used to be river or water bodies once upon a time. I remember when I was a child, the Hussian sagar lake water was supplied as drinking water to the city and now it is polluted beyond care and repair and it is now subjected to Vinayak Sagar only.
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    Indeed rivers are a precious thing and water in rivers are as important as water in any other reservoir. Protecting rivers is our collective responsibility and we must make sure that all water bodies and rivers be protected. Life is based on the water without its existence life is impossible.
    Furthermore, not only encroachment of rivers, but the water bodies have also been polluted due to human greed and irresponsibility. Most people are responsible for making water bodies filthy and not usable which has resulted in the rise of water pollution. All wastage that comes out of our home directly goes into water bodies and rivers. People have mad rivers the dumping sites of home wastage and that also one of the reasons these rivers are shrinking.
    Any encroachment or a bid to shrink or displace the rivers and water bodies must be aborted and steps should be taken to protect rivers not only from encroachment but also from throwing garbage into the rivers.

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    This is a very important topic. Protecting rivers is very important. The practice of leaving all the dirty water into rivers is very to be stopped. There should be separate ways to send the wastewater and we should domestic wastewater treatment plants. We all should keep all the rivers clean. Bathing in the rivers is also to be restricted. The cleaning of rivers should be carried out.
    Diverting river water so that it will be useful for mankind is OK. otherwise, that water will go and merge to the sea and become waste. Actually, if we integrate all rivers and divert them we will have a good amount of water and we will not face any water shortage. The government should also think about how to execute this plan is to be discussed and see that no water wastage will be there and we will not have any water shortage.
    Conserving water and protecting rivers and other water storage areas should be given top priority. If we are not having water here the existence of human beings on this planet will be not possible.

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    India is home to about 20 major river basins. Unfortunately, most rivers and river basins in India are victims of pollution.
    There are several causes of river-pollution like Chemicals & Effluents, Garbage Dumping high population, density around the river banks and the reckless dumping of non-biodegradable waste, especially plastics, is further adding to water pollution. It's the responsibility of the governments to clean rivers as well as generate awareness among young people. They must realize it that pollution in rivers is creating a dangerous situation for us, aquatics and other animals.

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    Rivers have occupied a special place from the ancient history till date. We name the rivers giving importance to its values and through the states it flows. Each river is a basic necessity for most farmers for growing their produce and has a great sense of respect like the divine mother. People yet strive to keep the surrounding clean but a few tend to disturb by contaminating through factory wastes. Plastic form a major chunk in pollution thus disturbing the marine life too. More and more knowledge has to be spread through public awareness campaigns and slogans to protect rivers from getting polluted. Save water, save life should be a slogan to follow by each citizen of the country.
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