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    What to do when the situation is not under control?

    Many times it happens that we are trying to do something, but there are many such factors or circumstances that we are unable to do. Strange happens when we are trying our best that our work is done on time but the surrounding environment or people become an obstacle in them, and those barriers are our own people, whose intention is not wrong, but inadvertently those people do this. Then how should one deal with such a situation? Should we stop our work till the situation becomes normal or should we change our way of working according to the situation.

    I want to know the opinion of all of you in this matter among the members. Please share your view.
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    Normally we try to initiate the work in right time, right place with right people but some times the reason beyond our control would make our endeavors waste and we are even put to loss. The other day my son has finished his project work of commissioning the machines and the clients are even satisfied with works and output. They have to give the written consent of having done the commissioning successfully. Though the work was over by afternoon and even the evening bus was booked for return journey, the MD who supposed to sign the papers had gone for lunch and returned late evening. By the time he was discussing issues and matters with concerned departments on various matters, my boy bus timing was nearing to leave. At the last moment the MD has signed the paper and by that time the bus has left and he has to wait for another day for journey to come back.
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    When the situation is not under control, there may be some problems in our work and we may face obstacles and delays may happen. When there is a natural calamity, there may be a situation where we lose heavily, but nothing is there in our hands. So we have to accept the facts and try to minimise the loss to the minimum possible by adopting the prevention measures.
    But sometimes there are men made problems and we should be able to solve them. One should not get panic and think the whole issues in totality and see where is the root cause for the problem and we have to work there and see that we will overcome the problem. There will be solutions for all problems. But because of anxiety, our brain stops working. So whatever may be the problem starts with controlling your brain and tell it not to get perplexed.
    Then think the nature of the problem and automatically you will get solutions to the problems and select the best and go ahead.

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    When the situation is not under the control, the first immediate thing that I would suggest would be to talk to people directly and try to make them understand the situation and why you are initiating a particular work. By proper counselling, one can bring the situation under control. People can't be all dumb to understand the situation, there must be someone who would understand what you are trying to do is fine.
    But when somebody objects to your work, give a second thought to it to understand whether the project is really good for you. If you feel the work is fine for you, convince others for the approval. However, you must also patiently listen to others view to understand their perspective on the subject and bring out some positive result.
    Mutual understanding would bring the situation under control even within the families with a different opinion.

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    Sometimes it happens that we have urgent piece of work to be completed within a certain period and we start our work early to finish it on time but our own family members disturb us and we can't be rude to them and have no notion but to subdue our resentment for their butt in. I think if we are apprehensive of this kind of impediments it's better to inform all family members or at least elders that we have urgent piece of work to complete on time and nobody should disturb.
    But sometimes, situation becomes so bad that we are not able to continue our work and everything goes out of control that time we may find ourselves at wits end or are pushed to hobsons choice.

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    If our work is of less importance and can be resolved at a later stage after the situation tends to prove normal, we can go ahead with such a decision. Sometimes the task taken up by us demands urgency and we should be careful to check out options and look out for opportunities to complete those tasks in a different way. So to conclude it depends on the type of task and the urgency. The decision has to be made by us itself.
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