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    Does the exchange of though keep happening without even speaking?

    Many times it happens to us that we are with someone whom we may know or may not know, and at some moment we are not talking to each other, but still, we feel a sense of positiveness sometimes and sometimes there is a feeling of negativity. It also happens that we have never had any conflict with a particular person, but yet when he/she come in front of us, we feel bad or just do not feel good.

    Is it because of the thoughts that come to mind of us or that person? Does it really happen that if someone thinks negative thoughts about you, then we feel it, in the same way, positive thoughts also come from the other to us?

    Members, what does your opinion and experience with this subject. Please share your views.
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    When we are too much possessive with some persons or when we have thick friends but they parted ways for silly reasons and yet our thought process would be same even though in reality we may not be taking in real terms and sense. Once there was a tiff between my bench mate in the school and not in talking terms. We have to sit in the same bench, leave for home at the same time. board the train and he also comes in the same compartments and when I try to look at him, he would shy away looking somewhere and this see saw activities for some days and suddenly he or me would involve the third person to have the damage control exercise and restore the friendship again. But once the old relations restored, the happenings in between would be discussed again and again and that would be the sweet experience again to rewind the past.
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    There is a spelling problem in the title. I request the author to correct it. The last " T " is missing in thought. Sometimes even though we may not communicate orally our body language and facial feelings will communicate to others what we are thinking. People who are familiar to us can easily understand by seeing our face what we are thinking. Even we can also understand the feelings of the people when we see regularly and see them how their facial feelings will be when they are explaining their feelings to us.
    But it is difficult to express the thoughts to new people without talking. They don't know about us and we don't know them. In such situations, we have to convey through words only. We may get some idea by seeing them their physical appearance but we may not be able to think about their thoughts and feelings.

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