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    India should also go for two party system instead of many parties

    Everyone is keenly watching the on going election process in US where in the fight to power between Democrats and Republic is neck and neck and poised for the great finish. Where as in India the so called national parties are heavily relying on the regional parties and even puts terms to the big parties to accept and tow their suggestions. In this back drop India should also switch on to two party system nation wide so that the voters would have clear choice to vote this side or that side. What is your suggestion?
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    In India, the population is very high and there are many people who wanted to be the bosses and never wanted to be under a boss. So to satisfy their egos and get into power somehow or other, they started their own parties.
    The Present Chief Minister of Telangana, KCR was in Telugu Desam Party. He wanted a ministry in Babu's cabinet. But Babu gave him Dy.Speaker post. So KCR was not happy and came out and started his own party TRS. Originally in India also there were only two parties namely Congress and Communist parties. But because of the power mongers, these two parties split many times. That is how so many political parties came into existence in India. So we can't expect the two-party system in our country. The mentality of politicians is that they want power and money. They are not treating politics as a way to serve the people but they see as a chance to amass money. That is the main problem.

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    You are right that we should have only two party system for the governance in the Centre. We may have too many regional parties fighting to rule the State, Those regional parties should support one party (either party A or party B) during election to the parliament.
    The top most two largest national parties that would have alliance with many regional parties should have a different name for their party. BJP and Congress should be done away.
    One can be Republic Indian Party (RIP), the other can be Democratic Indian Party (DIP). Only RIP and DIP should contest the election.

    But who will do this?

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    It is indeed a beautiful thought to reduce on wastage of resources during election campaigns. This can be done just like the merging of banks. Then it pretty clear to the public to caste their vote to the leaders who have worked during their hardships and has improved the community in large.
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    Several countries like US have only two political parties dispensation but this two parties system is not feasible in India. There is a vast difference between Indians and Americans. They are more educated than us. They are political advance and aware too. In our country large number of people don't vote on merit of the candidate, rather, we see his religion and caste whereas in America their voters are more considerate and pragmatic. What is the purpose of 3 rounds of debate which is held between both candidates of parties before election. People see their manifesto and views how they will take their country ahead. But in our country most of us are preconceived about our vote.
    second reason is that Our party system is based on religion and caste. So every caste wants its own representation in assembly/parliament . So they prefer to constitute their own party cadre and come out with their own issues with their own party.
    Third reason is that there is presidential system of governance whereas ours is a parliamentary system.

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    Sun your suggestion with even name suggestion was superlative and even has the comedy behind it.
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    In India, we have regional aspirations and there are differences of languages, caste and creed and in that situation national level parties might not satisfy the sentiments and desires of the local people. In any political system participation of people should be there and in absence of it they will simply oppose it or dislike it. Same thing becomes good when I am involved in the decision making process or simply a member of that system. No one wants to be a onlooker for national development. But everyone feels happy when he gets credit for laying roads and making bridges. Participation is the key to a democratic system especially in a country like India which has so many people belonging to so many religions and having different ways of lives.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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