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    Impleed your ideas as and when it strikes

    If the ideas comes to our mind, it should be either noted in a diary to be implemented at the later date or be initiated right now as and when it strikes. Because some ideas are time bound and cannot wait for things to take shape and then implemented. If the idea thus christened has the significant effect in the present and future life of ours, it needs special and immediate attention because delaying would be denying ourselves the best chance. What is your view on this? Do you implement new ideas as and when it strikes to your mind ?
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    In my opinion, we get ideas only when we think about an issue. We think only when there is a problem with the work we are doing. So once the idea comes we may discuss with all the concerned or we may only think twice and once we are sure that the idea is useful we will implement it.
    If we have an idea and if we don't implement the same, there is no use of getting new ideas. Some times our ideas may not give the desired results. So we should not implement the ideas in a hurry. We have to see all the points and understand the whole issue properly and think of the situation after implementing the idea. Once we are satisfied, then only we should go for implementing. If the ideas are implemented without complete thinking, the idea may backfire and the whole issue will become a disaster.

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    The author is right that the idea should be implemented when it comes to mind. But if seen, many thoughts keep coming in a person's mind in a day and it may not be appropriate to apply every thought at the same time but it is the suggestion of the author that it is best to write that idea in a diary, etc. is. The human mind is made up of many fibers that are constantly working and due to these various thoughts keep coming to mind. Before implementing an idea one should think about its future then take any decision.
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    I think the title of the thread would be 'Implement your ideas ......'. It's true that we need to implement our ideas at the earliest otherwise it will remain only as an idea. Many of us fear to try something new because of many reasons. One of the reasons may be the fear of failure, another reason may be what others would think of us if we are stuck up somewhere. All the ideas come after some thought and unless we are implementing the idea we will never know whether the thinking was in the right direction or not. Hence, we should implement the ideas to get the result rather than keep on thinking.

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    I was scratching my head to understand the title. I checked online dictionary and did not find the word 'impleed'.
    But Sankalan Bhattacharya's post 714131 gave me relief.

    I am exactly opposite in this and hence I forget many good ides which come to my mind while travelling or when I am on my bed starting to get sleep. That has robbed me of opportunity to post many good threads.

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    I agree with the author when any idea comes in my mind pertaining to certain situation then it should be implemented before the time goes out of hands. Timely decision is necessary to be taken else delaying entails kind of problems.

    Practically, every strategic or short term planning is the outcome of ideas which are elucidated and analysed comprehensively and emphatically so that all the pros & cons utterly ponder over before planning is implemented. It results in required outcome .

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    I intentionally used the world impleed because it is the law word of adhering to the ideas and implementing it.
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    While sitting in relaxed moods, we may come across many ideas haunting in our mind and some ideas may be brilliant if implemented practically. However, prior to its implementation, we need to examine many issues such as economic impact, speed of work with the implementation of such ideas. If the idea can enhance the rate of production in the plant or the idea if implemented can shorten the steps of mathematical calculations, we must highlight its benifits. However, before the idea is to be implemented in the actual domain, pros and cons of the idea should be examined. If it sounds a brilliant idea even after the second review. one can go ahead with it.

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    Our mind is an amazing machine and it is always working and thinking many things related to our lives, work environment, society and many such other entities. While pondering various these things we get some ideas time to time which could be very much useful in our lives or even for the development of the society, once these ideas are executed properly. So, it means that we do not get ideas continuously but get it only at some times and so it makes sense to note down them or covey them to other people who can take an action accordingly. If we forget those ideas then soon they will be out of the current memory slot in our brain and we would not be able to recollect them.
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