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    Do we see our true selves in front of the mirror?

    As human beings, we all have our own strengths and weaknesses. As far as strengths are concerned, there is absolutely no harm; there is no problem at all. The problem is with our weaknesses, which can be extremely harmful to our family members and for the wider society as well.

    It is in this context that looking at our true selves in front of the mirror at home may be useful. The mirror is more than our self-image. It is far more. When we pause for a few seconds and recollect al the mistakes that we did the previous day, it will become obvious that we had hurt someone, uttered a harsh word, or simply been arrogant. For instance, we ventilate all our frustration at the office on the poor servant maid. Or on our wives or husbands.

    If we can recollect such instances and then try to avoid repeating the same, the world will be and become a far better place to live in. The entire world will be one where the menace of all our human weaknesses will possibly diminish to a larger extent. Of course, we will still have the most horrible politicians who do politics on the basis of religion or exploit people. However, at least we can be different. When we see our real selves, the world will change at least to some extent.
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    Every person has a weakness and strengths too. We have to learn from put as well as others weakess. There are a few people to change their weakness movinhg to strengths. It depends on the evaluation that we do or we get evaluated more and more.
    As author suggests, we can sit back by the end of the day to just see the scores realted to strengths and weakness. I hope we all can look onto the mirror, which gives you clear picture of oneself.

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    This is a good thread, on a good topic that can be discussed in length philosophically, in humour and matter-of-factly.
    Mirror is one place where we try to be calm even when shown our defects. It is a place we do and don a lot to make ourselves most acceptable and appreciated. It is one place where a very minor percent of people feel disappointed and dwell on self-curse or self-pity, but do not show it outside.
    Probably there may not be anyone on Earth who had not shown and seen his own 'long-face' and short and curved and crooked face – in front of the mirror every morning while brushing teeth !!

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    What I feel that we may get elated and feel proud on our looks and personality from out side on watching a mirror but what is inside feelings is only known to us. A mirror cannot bring in our inner traits and behavior which are subjected to time behavior and thus a mirror cannot always capture our moods in good and bad times. At the most we may appreciate our own attire and hair styles including facial looks and expressions, but when it comes to inner engineering the mirror cannot help to peep inside and we have to make changes on our own. Therefore mirror cannot be cause to reflect our inner selves.
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