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    Expect the best and get it.

    Our elders have always said that always keep the expectation for good because what you expect from your life it will definitely come in your life. But we should expect this from ourselves, our lives, our actions, our efforts, our hard work, etc, but not from others. It is only a miracle of hope that the tasks which seemed impossible yesterday have come true today. Many people complain the most from their lives, from their surroundings, from people, from situations, and at last, their negativity dominates them. Thousands of reasons for his failure remain with him. Some say they did not get the right opportunity, some say they lacked resources, some say they did not find any encouragement, but those with a positive outlook always maintain their expectation from themselves and find opportunities even in darkness.
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    When we start work with a positive frame of mind and if we expect that the result will be positive, the results will be good most probably. If we start with doubt about the success, the work may go in that fashion only. In our Hindu mythology, people say to start the work with a Prayer to Ganesha so that the work will progress without any breaks or problems. Probably the idea may be that by doing prayer our mind will get it into an optimistic mood and we will think how to win and we will try to make the issue a success only.
    My personal experience also says that whenever I optimistically start work, I experienced a smooth flow of the work and expected results have arrived. But whenever I have a doubt I faced many problems during the progress of the work. Ultimately I got the desired results but I have to face a lot of struggle for that

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    Expect the best and get it is the saying from the author. By the way everyone of us expect the best from our own efforts, works and tasks, but the outcome is not in our hands as varied parameters work either in favor or against our expectations and thus we may even fall short of the goal. And expecting the best is the notion of our near competitor also and our every move is closely watched and followed with remedial action from that end and sometimes they are one step ahead of our performance. However I feel that strong contender would make our achievement flawless as we have to decide from day one as nothing is better than our own efforts and say.
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    While expecting the best we must act accordingly. For example, if you wish to score good marks in any exam you need to study well and follow the process to score high marks. If we just expect and think that something is going to happen automatically when the time comes then it will be of little use. What Dr Rao has said in his reply is very logical. It is important to start any task with optimism. If we start thinking that we may fail to reach the goal or there is less chance of success then there will be some form of negativity in the mind which will not help us to progress. We need to think in a positive way that the task we are doing will be successfully completed and that will boost us to carry out the process in the right way.

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