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    Why are some people always trying to prove themselves right?

    We meet many types of people in life, some of them are to be calm and some are a little bold but there is also a type of people in which they always want to prove themselves right or give credit to themselves for every action.

    Suppose something is being discussed and after a lot of debate, a decision on a subject was concluded and in the end, that decision was also considered correct by all. Then such people start giving themselves full credit for that decision even though that decision is taken by the entire majority. Some of the other people remain silent due to quiet nature but some do not believe it and a new debate starts again about who is responsible for the final decision.

    Have you had such an experience with it or even if not, what do you think should be done with such people?
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    This is the inherent tendency of human beings. I have seen many cases where a person is ready to take the credit of something though he has not contributed for it. He takes advantage of the fact that people present there do not know about the actual persons who had performed that particular task. This is definitely in a bad taste to do so but there are many black sheep in our society who always take such advantages.
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    The author has raised a question why some people want to prove themselves right. I think who does not try to prove himself/herself right? Almost everybody but a few. This aspect is not too bad but other aspect of this tendency that some people despite being wrong are always reluctantant to confess that they are wrong. It causes irritation and exasperation. We see it daily in practical life. Switch on TV and watch any debate Show on any channel, you will not see participants who are representatives of their respective parties accepting defeat. They will prove that their party is right and rest all are wrong.

    In social life, generally people are of this propensity to prove themselves right. These people are egoist and haughty. If you prove with logic or evidences that they are wrong they might get angry or they will begin to attack on You, even they don't hesitate in doing your character assassination. I don't talk to these people and try to avoid them.

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    Many of us will be like this. When the decision proves to be right everybody wants credit for that decision and if it proved wrong, everybody will try to defend themselves. In many corporates, the bosses will always try to take credit for the correct decisions and favourable results. If the result is negative, they will try to find out a person whom they can make responsible. I witnessed such happenings many times. I have seen some people who lost their jobs due to this tendency of the bosses.
    In no way this is a correct trait. We should give credit to the person who did the job correctly so that people will get motivated and try to deliver the goods. But if we don't give them the due credit, they will get demotivated and they may not show interest in working out of bounds to make the issue a success. They will just do their work and close the day normally. So the organisation will suffer because of such behaviour of the employees.

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    It is said and believed by many of us that winning in a discussion is its own reward. So, many people sometimes cross the boundaries of cordial discussions to prove their point only as right and this is a tendency seen everywhere in the society. It can also be thought as the tendency of getting prominence in a gathering. These people generally will have a variety of arguments in their bag and will take out the appropriate one to impress the listeners or the gathering. You can see them discussing in an entirely opposite way at some other gathering. So they are less attached to the topic of discussion and more to the winning aspect.
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    The society we live in consists of people with different mentalities. Even among siblings, we find differences in their mentalities. This is a universal fact. We have to learn to live with all types of people. This is a necessity. There is no point in finding faults with others. We also may be having so many traits that may not be appreciated by others in society. We should not become paranoid and try to live happily with all types of people.
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