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    College Campus Clubs contest - no winners

    It is very unfortunate that not only were there very few entries for the creative writing contest, but none are eligible for the prizes announced for either not adhering to some rule or the other or not being up the mark.

    What's more, the manner in which it was conceptualized as a creative story was not brought out at all. Really, really disappointing. Nevertheless, we will be crediting points and cc to a few of the better entries as judged by the jury panel.
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    It is sad to note that the participating members (including me) could not be able to present the creative writing in the way it was required to be done and probably we may have to be more alert and cautious in reading the instructions in future. You have indicated some points just touchingly but it would be better if you could tell some of the mistakes and the overall flaws in the entries so that the members could improve upon and do better next time. We all are in a learnings path and such mishaps are not unexpected in this creative journey. Anyway, first time we are seeing the poor performance by members and this is a matter to be pondered over and self introspection.
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    Very sad to note that a contest has failed without any winners. We need to analyze what went wrong with the contest. I had some creative ideas to participate, but I delayed it. If participated, you could have appreciated and selected for a prize. Best of luck next time.
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    I regret to note that there are no winners in this contest. This is for the first time I am seeing such a situation in the contests conducted by this site. Where we have gone wrong is to be seen and see that similar mistake we will not do in the upcoming contests. Anyhow it is a good experience to know about the ideas of various authors regarding the ideas of various members on this subject.
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    It is unfortunate that not a single entry could be selected for the award as the entries are less and not worth mentioning and it seems members could not understand the concept fully.
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    Very disheartning to see a contest going without a winner and less participation. It is also a note to bother as mention that the entries they received did not adher to some rule while some were not upto the mark and could not conceptualized the story as required by the organisors. As we all are learning from mistakes, it would be better for the jury panel or the organisors to bring out the flaws in detail so that the participants can understand their mistakes and other members can make a note of it which will help us to come up with better writing and concepts.
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    As a member I want to respond here. I had a smile on my face after going through the responses and it resembled the disappointment of the Scientists and the citizens when a satellite vehicle launch fails to take off. Its all in the game and sometimes does happen.

    But it is for the organizers who should have given a thought about the timing of the announcement of some complex nature of contests. Everyone would be busy in the festive season and we can't expect even the active members to get hooked to the site during such important festivals. Of course, some members may be interested and may initiate threads or other activities on their own but we can't expect good participation of members in quick contests.


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    We can consider it as one of the toughest competition that ISC has ever announced. Therefore it is a great victory to the ISC's organizer of the contest. Let us be satisfied.
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    This is for the first time I get to hear that there is not even a single winner for the contest. I was held up with my work schedules hence could be just an observer. I think this will mark a record in the history of ISC. Was it the content that wa tough or the method of completing the writeups, what went wrong? May be the judges itself can suggest so that members can get a better overview for future contests.
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    It was really a unique contest but I could not participate. After the announcement of the result, I went through the entries submitted and observed that most of the members have submitted a write up in the form of some past experiences. I am not an expert but still what I understood from the announcement that we needed to create a kind of imaginary story running around some unique club and its activities.

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    It's unfortunate. Well, we have to be careful after this. Hope next contest will be a success for every participating member!

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    I endorse Jagdish Patro's point on "thought about the timing of the announcement of some complex nature of contests".
    Contests following without gap like a chain will crate fatigue and disinterest. On my side, I consider I am not a good 'creative' mind seeing from the low or nil compensation I received whenever I participated.
    Hence we have to appreciate the participants in this contest and it is just proper that the entries will be given some cash credit.

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    Many of us participate in the contests and some of us participate in almost all the contests and that is definitely helping us to learn the art of writing appropriately in accordance with the parameters given in a contest. It may so happen at times that the participants (including me of course) in their over confidence or due to not reading the instructions clearly or thinking that they can write anything on any matter may submit their entries which might not be admissible from the overall perspective of the contest as envisaged by the editor or the site manager who have designed it. So, I think there is nothing to become sad or hurt and we have to take these things sportingly. We will request the contest organiser to give a brief of the shortcomings or deficiencies in general in the entries so that the participating members take a note of it and be more careful in future. Probably it is happening first time in a contest and that might be reason for these exclamations but in other sections like articles, information updates, Ask Experts etc we are regularly getting the remarks of the experienced editors for correcting our mistakes or errors (which are actually there) and after rectification it is being published and the suitable points etc are being awarded. I am taking it in a simple and plain way like that.
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    Go over all the four rules again and the concept of the contest and you will know where you fell short.

    I do not concur that the timing of the contest is a deterring factor to participation. We've often had contests just prior to festivals and there has been good participation. When members can have plentiful time to be fully absorbed in active contributions to forum discussions, they obviously do have time to participate if they wish. It is possible that the theme of the contest was not attractive enough.

    And no, it is no victory, but a sad flop for the contest organizer. The thrill of announcing winners is equivalent to the thrill of conceptualizing it and eagerly awaiting entries for it, not to mention analyzing them and having interesting discussions with the jury members.

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