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    What do you use old bedsheets for?

    I was a looking at one of my old, faded bedsheets and thought of a forum topic, about its utility. I recalled the fun times of swinging my nieces when they were little, in bedsheets! They loved it a lot and were constantly pestering us to repeat it over and over again. We also kept old bedsheets for two useful reasons - one, when the time comes to do any major painting work, they are used to cover furniture; and two, when we keep our beds out in the sun, we use them to place on the parapet and then put the beds on them so that the beds don't get dirty.

    Since I often use the search tool to check out if a topic is recently covered in a forum discussion, I did the same for this topic as well and came across some interesting uses. A forum thread mentioned using bedsheets during playtime in summer vacations and an article brought out their use as a bund during a cyclone.

    Do share the ways that you have used old bedsheets in your home or elsewhere. Or do you just give them away once you buy new ones?
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    For me, Bedsheets are also like my Kerchieves. I buy many kerchieves and lose them. I don't get them back. Similarly, I buy a lot of bedsheets, but they too get vanished. I do not know how my good lady handles the bedsheets. At times, I see old bedsheets in pieces being utilized to clean the floor. And also I see them at my relatives house.
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    Old bed sheets are joined together and made as the rajai in our places which looks strong and can withstand severe winter and one need not use the blankets which is done often. There are workers who charge 600 to 800 rupees per rajai piece and they collect the material from us and hand over the same with fresh new cover up. Thus the rajai or the think blanket looks new and strong. In some homes the old blankets are used to clean the floors as the mop and even used for other cleaning purpose. One thing is sure , as long as the blankets are good and not torn, it can be used varied and it all depends on house hold requirements.
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    There are many uses of old bedsheets, for example as the author said that they are mostly used to cover things in the house while painting, or sometimes for mopping, etc. Also if you have a bedsheet in which flowers are made, then use it to be applied to the window in summer. Measure your window and then cut the bedsheet. Take your old bed sheet to a teller and give it to make a cushion cover. If you want, you can get it to work with a bead or glass. Once my mother has made a laundry bag for you to store clothes from the old bed seat.
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    I think female members can understand it better. They know how to use old bed sheets, However, a few tips I can give:

    1: Donate it to someone who needs it.
    2: You can sew bag / sack
    3: You can change it into apron and can wear it while working in kitchen. It will protect your clothes from stains.
    4: You can stitch pajamas/ hanky
    5: 2/3 bed sheets can be stitched together and this sheet can be used as a mat when you go for picnic
    6: You can make several mops out of one bed sheet. And it can be used for cleaning the floor or dusting furniture or car etc.
    7: You can cut strips and intertwine to make ropes which can be used for hanging plants.
    8: You can pack your junk in bed sheets

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    We use old bedsheets for the following.
    1. One or two-bed sheets will be ironed kept ready. Whenever we go out for a picnic or some site seeing we carry them so that they can be used to spread on the ground we can sit on them.
    2. We use some old bedsheets to packs old books and items and store them on the false roofing of our rooms.
    3. If they are not torn we will ask our servant maid whether she is interested to take them and if she agrees we give her,
    4. Some times Orphanage home management is asking for old cloth items and we give them. At that time we give some old bedsheets also which are useful for spreading.
    5. My wife stitches small quilts with the old bedsheets and those quilts will be used as mattresses for my granddaughter.
    Recently we find another use. My granddaughter wants to learn painting on clothes. So my wife cuts these old bedsheets and gives them to her for this purpose.

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    I have a habit of keeping some small cloth pieces in my bag whenever I go out. I also keep a few along with nice handkerchiefs in my pocket. These cloth pieces are very useful and come handy in case you want to clean a seat or place or any rough work. So whenever I see a bed sheet being discarded I take a big piece out of it and make small ones for my use. These are basically used as use and throw hankies.
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    The suggestions given by our members are regularly done by most housewives. We can use bedsheets to cover things, vehicles, it can be even spread out on tea table by reducing it to fit on. If the bedsheet is a cotton material, it can be used as scrap cloth in kitchen. You can use it to make a floor mat by making one inch strips, then plaiting it. You can also make a beautiful brand new quilt by selecting the best part from the bed sheets. Mix and match pillow covers can also be stitched.

    I have never thrown out any cotton bed spread materials. You can also use it to fill the rags inside the dolls, if you are creative ideas. It can be used for kids beds in the form of quilt.
    If bed spreads are nylon, it has very different usage. It can be only used as pillow covers, screens, cover shelfs, braid it into a rope for drying your wet clothes.

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    In our house we use the old bedsheets for wiping ground in the winter or rainy seasons as it suck the water very cleanly. If the old bedsheet with design we can use as table top, covering the refrigerator top. We can use the old bedsheets to protect small children from wetting with urine.

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    I use them for a variety of purposes. Old bedsheets specially if they are of cotton material are vey useful in many ways. I have used and still using the small pieces of the bed sheet for wiping the oily surfaces etc in the kitchen while working and they are so handy for that job. Paper napkins are there but what the old cotton cloth performs there is no substitute for it. I have used the pieces of old bed sheet when its colour was not faded for covering the boxes and small tables in my house. Once I made one curtain for the store room also. Old clothes can be used in many ways if we really want to use them.
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    If the bedsheet colour has faded but the cloth is still in good condition, you can dye the cloth with another light or contrast colour. To make it still beautiful just like a new bedspread, you can print various symbols, signs using rubber prints and fevicryl. You could also use stencil to place various letters. Any other best flower design of your choice to fill the space can make your breadspread colourful, just like a new one. This can be tried with all the unused cotton fabric too. You can cut cotton clothes of same size and same pattern, stitch it to form a quilt bed spread. It can be handsown or stitched using a tailoring machine. You can add prints as suggested earlier to bring in a different look. This needs a little effort but can be done to save money and passionate people can enrich their creativity too.
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    Even from my childhood we have been reusing, recycling, up cycling or down cycling most things.
    We use bed sheets for the purposes as narrated in by thread author. It feels nice that the author has referred to one of my old threads in this connection.
    During those summer vacations we used to sun-dry grocery items, ingredients for pickles and 'papads', mango & jackfruit pulp-bars etc. The old bed sheets (washed clean) were used for spreading them.
    When there were little babies, the old bed sheets and blankets were used as cloth-cradles. (foldable hammock, Jhula, ThuniThottil or whatever it is known by).
    They are also used as extra sofa cover if they still retain good look.
    If they are torn then they are cut into usable pieces and used as cradle clothes, door-mats, for floor cleaning, cleaning kitchen platform etc -wherever old cloth can be put to use. We use to keep such clothes washed and clean in a bag or box near kitchen as handy. Sometimes we use them to dry wipe vegetables after washing like ladies finger which are needed dry for some recipes.
    I use them as abrasion proof material when moving cupboards, sofas, or other weighty appliances and materials including LPG cylinder.
    Even the torn portions are cut to small usable sizes and used to wipe oily hand after cleaning or lighting oil lamps, wipe cloth in kitchen etc.
    The latest of such salvaged and usable pieces is to use as mask scarves. The tiny pieces I use to wipe my mobile, purse etc with sanitiser after going outside in this Covid situation. It is only when the cloth beyond any use that we dispose it off. My maternal aunty used to stitch them as cushion or use them as pillow fillers.

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    I have a good collection of bedsheets because I get bored with them soon even before they get old enough to retire. So, I keep them and then use them after some time to feel them as fresh. Regarding very old and retired bedsheets, I use them for various works including cleaning, mopping, etc. I also use them to cover the floor if I and my son are doing painting work. It protects the floor from getting painted. I cover the travel bags when they are not in use with old cotton bedsheets. When my son was 3-4 years old, I used to make a kind of tent in my balcony using old bedsheets for him to play. Lastly, these bedsheets are also like my temporary curtains when I need to wash my curtains, I use them till the actual curtains get washed and dried.

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    It really pleased me that some lovely ideas have come in. There are the ones we generally do use old bedsheets for, such as drying the floor or cutting & using as rags or spreading them on the floor for kids to play on or using them to place in packing boxes before putting in fragile goods. Some different ones that popped in were the idea of stitching together a number of them and using them as thick bedding (rajai), of taking along small pieces to wipe down a surface before sitting somewhere, and of those with a creative mind putting fresh designs on them.

    I think we can have more such similar discussions on particular things that we use in our day to day life, to share ideas about how they can be reused after their original usage utility is over. It is nice to have the usefulness of something continuing in its twilight years, so to say. It's like having a fondness for them that stretches forever!

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    There are many uses of old bed sheets mainly it is used for the cleaning towels. These days when plastic bags are threat to the environment cloth bags may be used in place of the plastic bags. As the author said these can be used to cover the things to get them protected by the dirt and dust.

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    Bed sheets can be used to place the grams, grains in the sun to keep it fresh for a long term. You can use the floral designs as patch work for pillow covers to fill them using embroidery stitches.
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