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    What is going on Bihar elections ?

    It's being noticed that BJP' s star election campaigner Mr Amit Shah is out of picture in Bihar elections. We saw him last campaigning in Delhi elections carrying responsibility on behalf of the party for winning Delhi but he was drastically failed to keep his party's momentum. Is it the reason that he has been sidelined by the party? or Is he supervising whole campaign from Delhi ? or he planning how to make post election alliance ? or how to balance post election equation ? or Is he not well ? because he has been ill for several months and a hearsay was being circulated on social media that he's symtoms of some kind of deadly disease. I wish him to get well soon if his illness is the reason of his absence from Bihar elections. But it's a million dollar question why the main stream media is silent on his absence in Bihar on this burning question.

    One more thing is being noticed that BJP has apparently discarded Mr Nitish Kumar from BJP hoardings and posters , However, he is sharing the stage with PM in rallies. Apparently, BJP is evincing that people are angry with CM and they want to protect their party from anti-incumbency wave. It's not surprising that main stream media is hiding ground realities pertaing to elections.
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    Amit Shah went to Gujarat and stayed there for the pooja in his native place and he never met even a single leader during these pooja days. I read somewhere that he is taking a break as he is not completely recovered from the health problems due to COVID19. That is why he is not seen in the Bihar election campaign. The people of Bihar still have good faith in our PM that is why he is taking an active role in campaigning for BJP. BJP is not concentrating more on Kumar and he is not projected as it may backfire on BJP. This may be the strategy of the party. Anyhow let us wait
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    The NDA in general and BJP in particular is very much poised to grab the power for the third time in the Bihar elections and surveys so far conducted said that they have the edge over the other parties. Today the elections to the second phase is going on with 94 seats and many stalwarts names are at the stake and they are having their fate hanging in balance as the 1500 odd candiates for 94 seats are vying for the winning and even the Nalanda constituency to where CM Nitish Kumar is contesting seems to be challenging for him. The sudden death of Ram Vilas Paswan has made the poll campaign interesting and Lalu son Tejeswi is also throwing his hat for the post of CM through Mahaghatbandhan and Congress is no where near. Anyways we have to see the final results after the third phase of polling were held.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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