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    What is Second wave of Pandemic that is being talked about?

    I am hearing about the Second wave of Pandemic Covid-19. It is a warning that is being spread across. Few countries are going under lockdown state owing to second wave of transmission of the deadly disease.

    While we have survived from the deadly disease, What is the second wave, how it is generated and what would be the impact? Will the second wave seriously affect our country?

    Share your knowledge on second wave of pandemic.
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    In some countries, the COVID 19 positive cases are on increasing. Already some countries imposed a lockdown for the 2nd time to control the virus. In the USA also the situation is bad and there is a rumour that after the election immediately lockdown will be imposed. We have to wait and see. I heard that the virus is very dangerous in its second wave. Within three days the Coronavirus is becoming very strong and within three days it is becoming very serious and chances of survival are very rare. So the second wave may be very dangerous and we all should take all necessary precautions and see that we will be safe.
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    It is said that the second pandemic has already started in many countries as the fresh cases has been reported and since the spike is more the lock down has been announced. As long as India is concerned, we have already experienced the peak season few days back when the case load has touched even one lakh cases per day and now we are having down fall of the curve with less cases and even the less deaths. Time again PM Modi has been appealing to the people that the pandemic rules has been eased but not the pandemic and we have to trend caution and follow the covid rules even in future also for our betterment. And India cannot sustain the second wave of pandemic as our doctors and health workers are already on duty since 8 months and they have not been sent home and second phase would be whooping and cannot be controlled.
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    All viral diseases increase during winter, but Sars continued to spread even in summer. Considering the nature of the virus and the significant increase in cases in Europe and the United States (USA), we believe that cases of Covid-19 will increase. Since this virus has a tendency to flourish in winter, we believe that its infection will increase in winter. Rather it will be more than before. Look at other countries, where winters have started, according to it, a second wave could come in India. The situation could worsen due to pollution. As we are seeing these days, due to less sampling, the number of cases has reduced, as a result of which the public is becoming more negligent. Similarly, if the caution continues to decrease, the second wave of the epidemic will prove to be dangerous for us.
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    This spread of disease was generally contained by lockdowns and taking precautions and avoiding socialising and things of that nature. In some countries when the virus appeared to be contained they liberalised more things like eating outlets, tourist places, hotels etc and then the virus might had stricken back. It means that what we are seeing as contained is because of precautions only so it clearly means that we should again be alert and not mix with people unnecessarily even though the festival is coming ahead. Let us try to confine in the house and celebrate in a limited way. Too much mixing and freedom to go to malls and tourist places is not advisable. The virus is not eradicated, it is not getting chance to spread because people are taking care. I strongly feel that if we want to avoid second wave, we must take care and do not start doing things as we were doing before the pandemic. The danger is still looming on our heads and the thinking that it will happen to others but not me is a totally wrong concept.
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