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    General knowledge acquired from news papers or books?

    Now a days dose of knowing the general knowledge has also become necessary and the youth are connecting themselves to acquire more GK and related answers through various sources. No doubt daily news papers play important role in giving the status of current affairs, some news papers on Sundays have separate pull out on general matters of public importance. However wholesome knowledge can be acquired from the books and also from the inputs given by the friends and well wishers. What is your say on this matter.?
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    Through the books we got to know the concept of any subject, We get information about the facts related to it, its history, etc. In today's time, knowledge of current affairs is necessary for every exam or field whose best medium is the newspaper. By the way, nowadays there are many websites and YouTube channels that provide current news. The best way is to understand the current events and study the related statistics by interlinking them. In this way, the knowledge of the book and current affairs can be understood in a better way and also it increases your interest in a particular topic.
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    In our times we were getting the information from the books or newspapers or some small guides on current affairs and general knowledge. Today students are mostly getting information online either from the news channels or through google. Some students are learning many latest things from some sites meant for such information only. So there is much change in the manner the information is acquired.
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    General Knowledge can be acquired in many ways. By reading books, by going through newspapers, by interacting with other persons and going through the websites we can acquire general knowledge. Another method of acquiring this knowledge these days is Social sites, Radio and TV channels. These days the information flow has become very easy and very fast. Everybody is having cell phones and they can interact with many people who are far away also and get the clarifications required. These facilities are making people get more exposure to the world and this exposure will give them a lot of general knowledge.
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    Any knowledge can be acquired from various sources but the source has to be authentic. Nowadays, there are a lot of sources and there is misinformation too. Rather than books, students depend on online sources and well-circulated and authenticate dailies are a good source of General Knowledge.

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    General knowledge is a very big area and one has to compile information from so many sources and there are so many dimensions to it. It is an ongoing process and each moment new information is added to the old one. Those students who are always in touch of the latest can think of doing well in general knowledge. I remember when I was doing my graduation then our professor asked us what and how we were preparing for making our general knowledge up to date. Then one student told that he knew the capitals of so many countries and he also knew the writers of so many books. The professor asked him who had written 'Pride and Prejudice'. The student quickly answered 'Jane Austen'. The professor asked if he knew what was the book about. The student could not tell. That is alright, one cannot read all the books but one could find out some brief about that whether it is an autobiography or history book or some philosophical book or a social novel etc. So, professor told us that general knowledge does not end with some rows and columns given in the general knowledge guides and it is much more than that. We got the point.
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    We used books to gain subject as well as general knowledge. Some books were resold at half price which had a popular market and created a great demand too. These days everything is turning out into digitalisation and children live to gain information through google, wikipedia and youtube. Excitement, enjoyment are the key to gain knowledge rather than silence and concentration which is missing in today's youth.
    They do not have patience to read newspaper but our elderly people are still busy flipping the papers back and forth to completely read, never miss a section. Headlines act as an interesting element in internet which grasps the attention of readers to read the oldest of old news or the hot breaking news too. Books are better sold online than offline.

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    Books and newspapers were great source of gaining general knowledge but now a days people are more aware of this subject because of internet. Internet has vast scope of knowledge provided that the person is interested to improve his knowledge he can pile up knowledge as much as he can absorb.
    It doesn't mean that books or newspaper have lost their charm for ever. I still remember when In was studying in intermediate my elder brother suggested me to start reading newspaper and then I subscribed for my first newspaper i.e.Indian Express.

    I would not read it rather I would chew it and would note down current affairs, important events and news. Large part of G.K. I improved with help of the newspaper .

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