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    For job prospect practical knowledge is better than the theoretical one

    Many students have excellent theoretical knowledge and they score well in the exam. That is alright because only after good scoring one has a chance of getting success in some entrance exam or direct selection for a good course. But there are so many mediocre students who are also having some theoretical knowledge but are not exposed to the practical skills and after their education they are unsuccessful in even getting an ordinary job. So parents and teachers should consider this aspect and ask the students not to waste their time in higher academics and go for some technical course or diploma or even certificate course which can help them to learn the practical aspects of a job and then they can get some related job or start their own work for which there is a demand in the market. What do the members opine about this?
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    The author is very correct. Theoretical knowledge may ensure a good percentage of marks and ensure qualification to us. But alone this knowledge will not ensure a job. These days many small industries prefer a diploma candidate with one year experience more than a degree holder. This is mainly due to the practical knowledge the candidate is having. That is why during the study some internship is recommended these days. That will give them some exposure to the practicals. One should be able to apply their subject knowledge and use their practical skills. Then only they will have a promising career. An engineer who can work with his own hands on a machine can command his subordinates and get the quality work done. If he is not having that skill, the skilled assistants will take a ride on him. I have practically seen this many timed during my career. Our MD used to work on a machine and show how the work is to be done when he has some free time. I used to conduct the experiment with my own hands and show my assistant how he should experiment. Thus practical experience will come in handy.
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    To be successful in any venture, one has to go in detail how the assignment can be initiated and without doing it oneself, perfectness cannot be achieved. Securing impressive marks in theory papers is not always reflective of ones poor experience. At least an intelligent man would explore all possible ways to achieve success in the practical field. Hence the theoretical knowledge is supported by the practical experience in majority of cases.
    Education allows to expand our intuition irrespective of our domain of education. While working in a steel plant in the operation zone, I came across an executive from the personnel department holding a post graduate degree in English but he was equally efficient in the practical knowledge related to operation. During the strike period, he operated the crane so efficiently for the longer periods making others unbelievable.

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    The author is right in saying that theoretical knowledge does not suffice until practical knowledge is also gained . It's also a fact when any students studies he gets theoretical knowledge, so concerned authorities including parents have duty to expose him to the practical knowledge. It's also observed that some guys don't take formal education but they are well skilled in practical. They just need a certificate to get a job. I think this condition of certificate or diploma in concerned field should no more be mandatory. When someone is capable enough to do the required job and is more experienced in performing responsibilities than an inexperienced educated person then what is the point of requirement of a piece of a paper. It will give opportunity to come well-skilled and talented people out of obscurity.
    An example of a mechanic of Muradabad can be cited here who created a helicopter which could fly a bit higher. If such talented people are encouraged by administration they will change the picture of technology.

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    The author has raised a very important point through this post and every educationist across the country should ponder over the fact that our theoretical knowledge no where matches to the job requirements at the Industries and companies and that is the reason being so even in campus interviews those students who have some knowledge on practicals are being selected and others are ignored. Now the colleges have realized the importance of giving the practical knowledge and have established the same sort of company operation facilities so that the candidates opting for jobs can have the in house training before going for job seeking. By having such training if not the job the candidates can even go for the own business prospects as some knowledge has been acquired and can try the luck through experts advise.
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    Practical knowledge is always preferred over theoretical knowledge as that showcase your understanding of the topic. For this reason, most of the technical and professional courses have included some short-term training and projects that need to be completed by the students to complete the degree successfully. Such training is aimed to provide practical insights into what they have studied during the course and it helps them in their professional front.
    In fact, many colleges have a tie-up with some companies to provide training and jobs after the course.


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    Agree with the author that for job prospect practical knowledge is necessary. Along with book knowledge, practical knowledge is also very important. This brings positive energy. Just as a healthy body leads to a balanced development of people physically, mentally, and socially, similarly knowledge can be understood only if it is combined with practical knowledge along with theory. Before working in any subject or field, it is necessary to get information about it, then it is also important to understand its practical or practical aspects. If you are going to do any work in life, then first gather good information about it. It is important to understand which knowledge is important for us and which is meaningless.
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    For having practical knowledge a student should have real interest in his subject and he should also have access for doing practicals in a good laboratory under a good teacher. If the students pass the examination just by cramming and theoretical knowledge then I am afraid he would have problems in his professional careers and he will always cut a sorry figure in front of the management and peer groups. Practical knowledge is required to function as a successful worker in any organisation or company. It is the first and the foremost requirement.
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    Skill based knowledge is given preference in NEP 2020, by our Prime Minister Narendra Modiji. The credit goes to corona and its devastation which has made people deeply think about self-reflection. We can expect the next generations to be skilled and with good academics in the meare future.
    Each small bit of work has a skill hidden within. One who can understand himself or herself can really cater to it and be successful. This knowledge was taught to us from the vedic age, Gautham Buddha is the best example.

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