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    An appreciation will motivate the person

    All human beings want to get the attention of others. If somebody is appreciating the good work done by a person in the presence of some other people, he will get the attention of other people at least for a moment. That attention will act as inspiration and he will try further to improve his performance so that he will get the attention and recognition. That will motivate him.

    But nobody likes to get criticised openly. They may feel ashamed and their efficiency may further come down as they get demotivated with the remarks made openly. So when you want to point out the mistakes of somebody do that privately. That will be helpful to the individual to develop himself.
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    Surely we yearn for the appreciation and that should not be earned. That means appreciation should come for the work or the acts done but not derived through sympathy or the recommendation mode. We come across so many awards being instituted and got by some companies and organization and those awards are managed and not really bestowed on them. There are some awards which comes with award for cash concept and those awards are farce and unreliable and not original. The real appreciation should come from the liker, the enjoyed or the person who have the knowledge about the subject and it he announce the award would be the great tribute to the person who gets it. And the award should be specific and got through fierce competition and what is the use of those awards which were decided with no competition at all.
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    It is said that we should bang a person for his faults in isolation but praise his good points in public. Unfortunately, many managers even having big management degrees act opposite to it to humiliate the person in public and get work from him using the fear factor. Many administrators believe that it is the only way to get work from the today's generation. Anyway, the individual methods of getting work might differ from individual to individual but basically motivation and encouragement play a vital role in promoting a particular employee or subordinate. It is something which is long lasting and is not a temporary solution to get work at that time and then forget about that worker. A good manager will see the long time contributions of an employee and will try to nurture him with appreciations and awards so that he is always motivated to do the work in overall interest of the organisation. Everyone has some interest and liking and everyone has a desire to be praised for one's work. So the manager has to take mileage out of this inherent aspirations in the people.
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    The author is right that praising someone always encourages people to improve their performance. but how many people encourage others, hardly few who can be counted on finger tips. Those who are jealous of others and don't want to see them progressing always try to pick holes in their work instead of praising for their good work.

    Good people always encourage by praising and advising them. Students and children need our encouragement. We should praise them, it will generate new energy in them to go on top in their study. It will also set their mind to encourage their juniors especially when they grow up. They will do the same what we are doing with them.

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    The author is absolutely right. Any person can be encouraged through appreciation. But it is often seen that people skimp in this. It is not difficult to praise or appreciate someone. If you can see their flaws and bad things, then you can also see their strengths and good things. It is better to learn from their strengths than to envy or criticize them. If we learn from the good and evil of every person, then we ourselves will become a much better person. And you must see yourself before praising and criticizing others.
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    Appreciation is a must one to motivate the person irrespective of age. This is very much important in children. Many parents and elders do not appreciate the children on their work either did on our asking or themselves. It is more important that we should never criticizing or commenting them rather than appreciation. Many persons, especially, children got stuck if they got sullen / irritating words instead of appreciation. I saw in a house that a child watching some educational program in television which is related to his subject,the mother of the children irritate him with words like 'what is the use of watching such things as you are not able to grasp anything?' Immediately the boy felt badly and did not continue his watching the program. According to me, the continuous watching such programs the students would get developed some attraction/ interest in studies as some teachers aspires him/her.

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