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    Have you bought new dresses for Deepavali Festival.

    Deepavali is an occasion that everyone will wear new dresses and celebrate. Though we are affected by Pandemic, everyone is trying to celebrate Deepavali simply by restricting their expenses. However, they may not go for costly wears but prefer simple cheap and best wears for this year's Deepavali.

    Have you bought new dresses for you and your family members?

    About me:
    I don't wish to celebrate Deepavali. But I thought of celebrating it with simple wears and simple eats. Generally, I wear Lungi and T-Shirt only. But from this Deepavali day, I thought of wearing Kurta and Pyjama. I have already ordered for one set. I am getting it through Amazon. It costs about Rs.700/-. When I asked my good lady, she shook her head and said "NO, I have lot of dresses'. I insisted her to purchase a new wear for the festival day. She accepted and said,"Okay, the budget is only below 500". I have ordered for a simple saree costing Rs. 459/-. I also ordered a saree for my maid servant costing Rs. 300/- from Amazon.
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    It is indeed a good thought that you have ordered for the maid servant. I feel happy to listen to your actions. I have very little interest for buying new dresses but I have plans to buy for kids that too within a short budget and children are ready to squeeze out from their pocket money to manage their purchase. It is a tough time and festivals are just passing by quickly pushing us to the end of the year.

    I do usually buy in shops as I am not interested in buying clothes online. Deepavali is a festival of lights. I have a collection of diyas which are well decorated by kids to mark the day's joy.

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    For us Deepavali is the only festival wherein we go for the new dress for the entire family but this time the situation has become more challenging as my wife who was the teacher has discontinued and stopped working as she restricted to be house wife hence forth. My daughter busy with studies and my son hopping to places on his works and thus we have been disturbed with more challenges from other family members and therefore this Deepvali may not be the same and if at all dress has to be taken it would be normal last minute purchase and not the superlative designs and prices as expected. Not only us, many of the family are unable to maintain the daily chores and great expenses for festivities cannot be even thought of. Nevertheless festival cannot be discarded and we have to see with austerity measure.
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    We celebrate Diwali with great energy every year starting from cleaning the house, sweet and snacks preparations at home, shopping for new dresses for all, decoration, and so on. But this year, the scene is totally different. We do not have plans for shopping this year as we already have new sets of clothes we bought during the last new year's vacation. They are still new and even packed as we did not get any opportunity to wear them after that.

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    Lakshmi Puja is very important in our family and everyone wears new clothes on this day. These clothes are not necessarily more flamboyant, we all wear ordinary clothes and worship in the evening. As far as the matter is to give to other people, my father gives new clothes and some bonuses to all the servants and other workers of the house at every festival, By doing this, the servants get happiness as well as we also get satisfaction and peace. After all, Diwali is a big festival and everyone has the right to celebrate this festival. Therefore, for those who are financially weak, we should make the festival special for them by giving them some support.
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    Deepavali is an important festival for all Hindus. These days we see this festival is being celebrated in other countries also. Laster President Triumph celebrated Deepavali in White house, I read somewhere.
    We have no habit of wearing new clothes on the day of Deepavali. Some people wear new clothes on Naraka Chaturdasi. the day on which Lord Krishna killed Narakaasura. But not on Amavasya. The main activity on that day will be firecrackers usage only. Sweets eating is another speciality.
    For us, Sankranti and Vijayadasami are very important and for those festivals, all of us will have new clothes. But for other festivals, only children will have new clothes.
    This year we have not purchased new clothes for the children also. We may not go for crackers also. Festival will be celebrated normally without any special activities. Of course, special dishes will be made by my mother and we all enjoy those dishes.

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    We celebrate it but do not go for new dresses. Our main thrust is on making some sweet or other items and offer to the guests. Unfortunately, we are not expecting guests this time nor we are going to visit them due to the precautions in corona time. Diwali is mainly a festival of light and that part we will be doing properly as that can be done without mixing with others. Let us hope that these precautions would help us to celebrate the next Diwali with much more excitement and vigour. I wish all the people take good social distancing measures during this particular Diwali.
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    In our house we have practice of taking new dress only for Deepavali as many plans for Sankaranthi. I used to buy ready made pants and shirts every year. This year due to covid fear, we do not go out for shopping. I and my brother got stitched pants and shirts with the available dress materials in the house through a known tailor who is residing nearby.

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    Normally we do not go for new dresses during Diwali festival but this time as I was needing the replacement of my walking trousers, I thought to buy one but so far could not go out to local market. So, now I have decided to place order in some online store so that I get it just by sitting in the house. The problem with online shopping is that though they exchange it readily but we feel bad when the item does not come as per our specified way.
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    Year after year the orders from the Government for bursting crackers is severe. This is in the light of better environment, minimal air pollution as well saves the old aged and young kids who may face severity while bursting crackers thus creating noise pollution too. Instead, investing the same on buying new clothes is a good trend. These days dry fruit gift boxes are picking up momentum in sales for diwali with special discounts and offers.
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    In my summary, I stated that I ordered a saree for my good lady, online. The saree was delivered today. On opening the pack, I was shocked to see the saree. It is a substandard saree not worth the price with a different colour. I have requested for return and refund. Amazon accepted my request to return and refund the sum. Now I thought of visiting a nearby shop to get a good saree for her.

    At times, online shopping is not worth the price, especially textiles.

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    Glad to inform the author that Deepavali would be grand this year as my account being credited with Google Adsense for 145 dollars and that is timely help.
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    Congrats. $145 x 60(approx) = Rs.8700. It is a large amount in hand to celebrate Diwali. Suggest you spend Rs. 3700 lavishly and save 5000/- for the future. Probably, it would help to celebrate Diwali 2021 more lavishly.

    What is your plan? What is the budget for clothes, eats and miscellaneous expenditure? Be frank.

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    Presently the money not yet credited to my account and it is pending at CUB Ho and my clarifications what they obtained was sent to them and soon it may be credited. Surely dress for all the four of us would be purchased as I never expected such timely release of payment from Google which was long over due. Anyways, still 8 days are there for celebrations and let this Deepavali be hassle free as far as money is concerned. My children are also happy as this time Google adsense money has shown the way to celebrate this festival of lights. I must also thank ISC for giving me the platform and all these earning coming through forum postings only.
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    Diwali celebration of this year would be very simple for most of us.
    I purchased a simple Diwali dress for me and my hubby.
    I will not waste money on buying crackers because crackers spoil atmospheric conditions.
    In this corona pandemic period, I also advise others not to burst crakers.
    Let us celebrate healthy and happy Diwali with our family ??

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    Diwali is important festival for Hindu religion. It is celebrated with enthusiasm by all Hindu people. But this year due to pandemic most of the people celebrated in very simple way. I didn't buy dresses this year as already we had new sets of cloths. We didn't want to spent extra money. I gave emphasis on buying diyas and pooja related items. This year crackers was banned. So. I didn't see any shop selling crackers in my locality. We celebrated healthy and pollution free Diwali.

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