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    We remain busy to control others

    It is a tendency of many people to control others. Especially people who have an influence on society because of their popularity or monetary power have the tendency to exercise control over a lot of people. If they say something, others at least pay some attention. Maybe that is the reason many stars are roped into the campaign for a candidate during elections. The interesting thing is neither the popularity nor money power but the thought process. There are many who wish to 'control' others. They tend to think if 'I have the control, I will do such and such things'. Since the beginning of the civilization the rich tries to exercise control over the poor, the upper-caste people try to control the lower-castes and so on. The tendency is to show how supreme the individual is over others and that is creating the problem everywhere. There is a competition going on all over the world in various aspects about who is more supreme or have more power and you can say every other day new tactics is developed to exercise a sort of control over others. Unfortunately, it's because of the willingness of others that a situation is controlled and not because someone is doing some magic to apply the control. The only thing we can control is our own mind and activities but rather doing it we remain busy to control others.
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    It depends on the situation, time and the listener too. As far as campaiging is concerned public have already planned that they woukd caste their votes to the leader who had worked for them during hardships. They tend to listen to every talk and wave their hands, nod their heads but it will not be a reality. Only a few listen to all directions and end up taking wrong decisions.
    It is true that money is taking a controlling power in most of the fields rather than honesty, hardwork, simplicity, reality, humbleness-these terms are on the verge of extinction like the animals in the forests. It is an imaginary world full of ifs and buts finally nothing seems to be accomplished at the end.

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    The author has raised a relevant issue which is based on truth and some of points he has pointed out are right on target. Our society is divided into two classes - upper class and lower class whatever reason are for this classification denied or accepted can't refute fact and reality. What is observed is that every powerful person/section has been trying to control weaker people/ section for ages. If they are wealthy they will control poor people. If they belong to upper caste they try to suppress lower caste. If they are politically strong they will intimidate the people who are politically weak. We have large number of people who are voiceless. If they try to be united their unity is broken into pieces by might. If they try to raise their voice against injustice they are crushed ruthlessly.

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    Yes we remain busy in controlling others and getting heed to their requirement and be in their good books. People wants followers in their real life and some people who are small time politicians in their own area and have the niche to mingle and single out the problem always maintains the crowd and they also do the small favors expected and thus remain ever busy. Even the common persons see that working for others would be their prime cause of life and they dedicate lots of time for others as if they are working as the saviors for others. Nevertheless being busy is good and very good attitude for the society but that trait should be developed only after finishing the personal commitments and expectations from their family and friends and then move for settling others problems and grievances otherwise it would be failure life.
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    The author is right that the upper class often wants to retain control over the lower class. Humans do not have as much danger from others as from themselves and this happens from their own fortifications. We all know this but still do not know why everyone wants to control others more than themselves and improve others. We should accept the qualities, not the faults of others, instead of improving others, we should improve ourselves. At the same time, you should avoid condemning others. In a world, man is trying to improve others while not correcting his mistakes. He is so engrossed in seeing the mistake of others that he forgets to see himself.
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    Influential people irrespective of the cast have the tendency to rule over the common masses and these gullible people listen carefully to such leaders with the hope that these leaders would resolve their problems relating to rations, employment and host of the things. It is not that these things are not being taken care by these politicians but the hidden agenda is to win the election and they would do everything for the welfare of the common man when the election is in the corner. However, with the time there has been enough changes in the mindset of the common people. They listen to leaders but they vote for others in the election phase. With the spread of education, they will be more concious and analytical. They would not be influenced with such seasoned leaders.

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    Many people want to have big control over others. They feel that will give them a lot of recognition and identity. The government is having the controls in its hands. The people who are manning the government will have all the powers and they can do whatever they want. We remember the emergency period declared by the then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. She wanted to control the whole of India and she kept many leaders behind bars. But ultimately what happened. She has to get down from the post and her party lost the elections. This is a clear indication that nobody can control the people and get the things done as per their wishes. So if we think we are controlling so many, it is only your dream. The moment they don't want to hear from you they can destabilise you by doing all the wrong things and prove you that you are no way good.
    Men are like machines. They have their own brains and they can do whatever they want. You can take a horse to the pond but you can't make it to drink water This is proved time and again. But we never keep these facts in our mind and still, we will think that we can control people.

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    The word control is misunderstood in many situations. Many people do not want to tell their mistakes or wrong doings as control. In one house when a father told his son not to keep scissors or knife on the top of refrigerator with a thought that it would fall on the opening person's leg. The son immediately got annoyed and was telling everybody as his father unnecessarily controlling him.

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    Given a choice everyone would like to control others. It is something for which many people yearn and dream. But for controlling others one should have some position and authority without which no one would hear to that particular person. So first we should work hard and attain a position then only we can think of controlling others. There is so much competition that everyone cannot have this wish fulfilled.
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    Influential people influence people. As movie stars or celebrities have an impact on people's mind so they easily influence common people. In reality he or she may not be a worth person to follow but in reel life he or she is. And being a celebrity when a person knows that he has a fan following and whatever he or she says people will follow him/her or people get convinced easily. But it's true we common people are always controlled by the people who have power.

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