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    Move from "Compulsion" to "Willingness" and become "Excellent" from "Average".

    When things are done out of compulsion the results achieved are just ordinary or average but on the contrary, once the action is done willingly without compulsion the results achieved are a pure genius or excellent, and the question of average or okay does not even arise.

    This can be tested with everyone and everything.
    A student when studies out of compulsion to please his parents, he is generally an average student or even sometimes a poor student. While, if you see a student who studies out of his own will is able to achieve so much that he may seem a genius to everyone around.

    An employee who works just to earn a salary and out of fear or compulsion to fulfill his responsibility of feeding himself and family remains an underachiever but an employee who is self-motivated and willing to work excels not only in his work but creates a difference for the organization as a whole.

    This can be applied and verified in every situation that a willing person always progresses while a person with compulsion always has complaints. A willing person learns a lesson from his failures while an unwilling finds an excuse not to do something once he fails in any attempt.

    So move from compulsion to willingness and the result of every action will become a blessing instead of just and an outcome.
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    The author has raked up a good thread which need to be answered and debated. By having willingness to work, we are showing the allegiance and also given the right thought to move about and therefore our steps would be positive and move in the right directions. When the intentions are clear, and without ulterior motives, and when the works are taken up with their right spirit without any compulsion, the results would be superlative and even one step ahead than the expectation. By doing the work with total willingness , there is no other obstruction in our life to distract the attention and therefore the concentration is fully focused towards achieving the goal and that would be more than excellent and never be average. So what it proves that we have to involve and do the work with total rendition and with total dedication.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    No doubt about this. One should work with interest and one should study with focus. Then only their performance will delight others. If there is no interest in the work people will just sit before the book but nothing will be going into their mind. Similarly, an employee doing work under compulsion will just manage the show but never feels proud of his work. He never tries to reach excellence.
    When A person who likes his job can derive pleasure out of his work. So he will focus and concentrate on his job and try to complete the work in such a way that his boss will get delighted. Such people will work in a very committed way and people will understand and admire his way of working. He will reach the top of the ladder very fast and continue to work with commitment. We all should try to work in this way. We may not be able to get a job as per our liking these days. But whatever job we get, we should develop a liking for that and we should work with full concentration and see that we will be performing well.

    always confident

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    The author is right that when we do any work with a happy mind and with interest, the result of that work comes out better than expected. As much as it is important in the student life, it is also important for employment, so nowadays it has become very important that now you do not plan your career from a traditional perspective and see it from a new perspective and start of these new attitudes It will be from this that you recognize your power, you should recognize your potential because you can increase the innate potential that nature has given as a gift to you, and you can increase it to great heights by working less and society is ready for this Is that he will appreciate your ability and in return will give you everything that you need and what he can give.
    Swati Sharma

    Keep your Face to the SunShine

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