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    Voting turnouts cannot be measured a change in the thoughts of voters

    When ever the elections are held, the concentration of the observers and the contesting candidates would be the voting turnouts of their particular constituencies or the areas and thus arrive at the conclusion that voting turnout turn out to be in their favor. But many factors attribute to more voting percentage. May be new voters were enthusiastic and must have prevailed the other voters to join them to cast the votes availing voting right. May be the those who were absenting either too are now feeling the responsibility to vote to register their preferences.
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    There may be different reasons for a high percentage of voting. But all the parties predict this as favourable to them. But only after getting the results declared only, we will know people preferred whom. Last time in AP Assemble elections the percentage of votes polled are high and both the parties thought that this high percentage is good to them. But after the counting, it was understood that high percentage is due to their anger against the ruling party.
    More people may come to vote to utilise their authority given and some may be forced to come and vote by their family members. The youth who got the voting power for the first time may be interested in using their vote. They will have the enthusiasm to vote. It is always better to have a high percentage of voting. This will ensure that the person who is liked by many people only will come to power.
    Sometimes the political parties resort to rigging and in the last hour, a high percentage of votes will be polled. This may be due to rigging only.

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    As long as the number of votes cast not exceeding the total number of voters in the particular segment there is no reason to worry. It is assumed that when a large number of voters turn out to cast their votes they are seeking a change and not happy with the incumbent. What I feel it's an assumption and we cannot predict the outcome just by observing the polling percentage. The job of the observers and election analysts are to study the figures and because of this, they concentrate on various aspects like polling percentage, turnouts, etc. They are used for prediction and ultimately everything becomes clear when the results of the elections are out.

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    It is a prediction made by the contesting candidates most of the time. Voters have always been careful in casting their votes to the right person. Candidates will have a positive thought based on their work done, activities which helped the localities over a period of time. Last moment support that is just before a few days of voting or on the voting day will not change the thoughts of the voters.
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    High turn out for using the right of vote is a good sign for democracy. It's the duty of the people to come out to vote. The issue which the author has raised may be correct in his opinion but I think heavy turn out clarifies the picture ;and conjecture about the result may be closer to truth. One more thing is to be calculated that what was the ratio of urban voting and what was of rural areas. Accordingly candidates may guess who has fair chances to win the election because they know that in which areas which candidate has bulk of vote.

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    In elections two types of people are sure to vote. The first group is committed and loyal party followers. The second is those who are 'bought' by the parties. These two combined become the average core vote percentage. The general uncommitted public vote only when the weather is good; the booth is nearby ;there is some very sensational or important issue affecting them.They will not be enthusiastic if the candidate is a lackluster person(s) or there is no strong issue to change the incumbent disposition. In our country many such people enjoy that day as a paid holiday.

    In such a scenario, increase in voting signals that the new voters are more, there is some strong issue among voters , in which they want to express their opinion, there is strong anti-incumbency mood or a strong desire to continue the same position and avoid the opposition from coming to power.
    As the voting pattern of the new voters and generally swinging voters cannot be assessed with certainty, a high voting turnout sends jitters to the candidates.

    Hence, even though the real direction of the wind of thoughts cannot be assessed,, voting turnouts indicate definitely a change in the thoughts of voters.

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    Voting turnout has no relation with winning of a candidate. In fact in some cases the candidate may lose because of more voting turnout. Any guess based on such calculations would not be correct.
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