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    Modern means of entertainment according to time.

    Entertainment is the greatest support when a person feels tired with his daily tasks and responsibilities. Every man chooses to resort to entertainment according to his/her interest. Some people entertain themselves by reading books, watching television, etc.

    In ancient times, people used to sit and roam in places connected with nature to entertain themselves, but today there have been many changes in the means of entertainment. Today's man wants more entertainment in less time.

    With the development of science, the means of entertainment has also developed and today man has innumerable resources in entertainment, all he has to do is to choose some of them.

    But the important thing is to see that these Entertainment devices or tools should be healthy and protective for you and your loved ones.
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    Vet true. Entertainment is necessary to keep the momentum in carrying out responsibilities and working duties. we need test for work in hours and besides rest we want to refresh ourselves by doing some entertainment. It refresh our mood and generate energy to perform our duty with more zeal.

    Today we have innumerable sources entertainment. but generally we like to spend our time with entertainment. Where we can videos, programme based on entertainment, games, news, serials, movies etc.

    In old days people would like to spend their time together. It made their relationship strong. They were more amiable and close to each other. During those days their games and sports we're also very simple and they would enjoy them to their fullest. Despite new source of entertainment their old fashioned ones still exist and still have relevance.

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    I do agree with the author's view. No doubt, the way of entertainment has been changing with times. In the older days, people would meet with relatives and friends freely and enjoy all together. Their bonding between relationship used to be very strong. Sometimes, they would enjoy by roaming in natural places.
    But, today's people are not like earlier people. They have no time to meet with relatives and friends. They would like to enjoy with an electronic gadget like TV, mobile, laptop etc. So, The need for people has been changing with time.

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    True. Entertainment is required for the people who are always busy and always doing something or the other. When we work continuously for 10 hours we will that we are exhausted and we want to have a brake. We may take rest but in addition to that if we spend some time in entertainment activities. Olden days there is very limited activities for entertainment. Those all the farmers after their tedious work in the field used to gather near the community centre to hear the radio programmes.
    But today we have many ways of entertainment. A TV with many channels, smartphone. internet and computers. All of these can give you some entertainment. I feel we are using these entertainment gadgets more than required and we are getting addicted to them and wasting our valuable time on those gadgets.
    Entertainment is required. But we should not indulge ourselves for hours together in these entertainment activities and we should not forget our responsibilities and other requirements.

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    Come Saturday evening or whole Sunday, people want to party and have full blast entertainment and not even caring to visit the near and dear ones or those who are sick and being treated in the hospitals. Gone are the days when the people get holidays, they would rush to the village and meet the relations and elders and connect with them for few hours. And the children would also get accustomed to the relations of both sides and have the connections there after. Now a days the father side or the paternal relations are not made known to the child for obvious reasons and the maternal or the mother side relations are close to the children, And over the passage of time the void is more and the children could not connect to the paternal relations even if they happen to visit us. We are alone responsible for this fiasco.
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    Entertainment is an important aspect and so is the way we should use the devices. We use a lot of gadgets nowadays and each one has its specific use. The important thing is not to misuse those devices. For example, watching videos at a stretch on smart mobile devices can be strenuous. Similarly, while listening to music with the earphones, raising the volume of the music beyond a specific limit is not at all recommended. We must know the proper use of the device and for that, reading the Users' Manual that comes with almost all kind of devices, is always useful.

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    Entertainment means are changing with time. The children like thrilling games to play online. Adults require adrenaline rush games to play. So everyone is going for newer and newer thrills. I don't think time is a constraint. Students are wasting hours and hours in useless games and it is harming their studies and career. Parents are also not bothered and feel pride that their children are paying such advanced games.
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