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    Once again, realized the miracle of divine power.

    After the powerful earthquake on Friday, the girl was buried under debris for nearly 91 hours. Relief workers in the Turkish coastal city of Izmir have rescued a girl alive from under the rubble of an apartment 4 days after the powerful earthquake. A girl named Ayda Gazegin was seen carrying an ambulance on Tuesday, she was covered with a blanket. Relief workers cheered when they were evicted and the people present there shouted slogans of 'God is great'.

    This is not the first time when a young life was saved in a great natural tragedy, it has happened many times before and such incidents make humans realize that great divine power is always there for us.
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    Such incidents will always make us understand the power of the Almighty. We even can't predict how that miracle happened.
    One week back, one my distant relation who is about 75 years old was sick and doctors told that it will be a matter of hours only. And she was shifted from the house to the small shed within the compound wall of the house. But after an hour she all of a sudden started responding and she became alright in two days. She is doing well now. How it happened we don't know.
    Such incidents always make us believe that there is some supernatural power which is guarding all of us and giving us the best possible to all of us. We always should be thankful to God and we should be grateful for what all HE has given to us.

    always confident

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    Some people have their lives to live beyond even after we think their destiny is over and everything is finished. Getting life after 91 hours ordeal under the heap of rubble due to earth quake, the girl could survive aftermath and she should thank the God for another life because no one would have been alive for 91 hours and some would have dead even through the shock of earth quack and here is the girl who braved all the happenings around her and rescued safely and sent for the medical attention immediately. Surely she has created record and once again proven that God is great and God is there.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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