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    Police arrest Arnab Goswami in suicide case

    The Raigad police along with Mumbai police arrested Republic TV editor-in-chief Arnab Goswami, Feroz Shaikh and Nitesh Sarda on charges of abetment to suicide of a 53-year-old interior designer, Anvay Naik, the managing director of architect firm Concord Design Private Limited whom the channel reportedly owed Rs 83 lakh.

    Naik and his mother were found dead at their farmhouse in Kavir Village in Alibaug. Naik was found hanging from the ceiling on the first floor and his mother's body was found on the ground floor on the bed .
    The police had found a suicide note in English which purportedly stated said Anvay and his mother decided to take the extreme step since payments due to them were not being cleared by owners of the three companies.
    Naik's wife Akshata had lodged a complaint that Goswami of ARG Outlier had not paid Rs 83 lakh for the Bombay Dyeing Studio Project whereas Feroz Shaikh of Skimedia and Nitesh Sarda owner of Smart Work not paid Rs 4 crores and Rs 55 lakh he had carried out respectively.

    According to police:
    "Arnab and his wife Samyabrata refused to open the door for nearly an hour despite us telling them that we have come to arrest him in the Alibaug case. We had deputed a policeman to video record the entire sequence of event to avoid any allegations," said a senior police officer.
    When Arnab opened the door, his wife started video recording and alleged that the police assaulted him. Police said that there is no need for them to have an arrest warrant in the IPC 306 abetment to suicide case. When police handed over them the notice for intimation of arrest, his wife tore the papers.
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    Inspector-General of Police Sanjay Mohite confirmed that Arnab Goswami has been arrested by the Raigad police. He refused to divulge details. Arnab's arrest has been described by politicians as an attack on freedom of the press by the Maharashtra government and a reminder of the days of the emergency, while Shiv Sena leader and Rajya Sabha MP Sanjay Raut has said on Goswami. The action has not been taken in retaliation. Arnab Goswami has been brought to the Alibaug police station and will be produced before the local court in a short while.
    Swati Sharma

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    Reaction on his arrest is obvious as he is a public figure, a known face to country. But he has not been arrested concerning Palghar reporting case or alleged TRP scam. It's the case of abetment to committing suicide by two people.

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    I don't think it is a non-bailable case. I am sure Arbind Goswamy will be out on bail soon. It is a politically motivated arrest against a reputed journalist who is against the Maharashtra government. The case would need a detailed investigation.
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    The arrest was made based on the suicide note of Anvay Naik, the managing director of architect firm Concord Design Private Limited. No other issues are shown as the reasons for the arrest. He was taken to the Raigad police station.
    Some people say the police are correct and others may say he is correct. This is generally what happens when some VIP is arrested. Anyhow, finally nothing will happen. He will come out and everything will be normal. We have seen many incidents of this nature.
    Arnab Goswami is facing many other allegations and we don't know how far they are correct.

    always confident

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    This was starling happening and the Mumbai police was looking for the chance to nab Arnab even in the case of TRP fixing but that could not be done and now he has been arrested on the charges of murder. Since he is the leading journalist and having the battery of lawyers support like Ishakaran Bhadari and even Subramanyam Swamy, he getting bail is not that task but the reputation of his name and the channel has taken the beating and we have to see how the case would unfold because other two investigating journos were also arrested and thus leaving the channel to the lurch.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    @K Mohan:
    I think other two accused are not journalists as their firms are different

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    There are some strange things happening in Maharashtra state that police and administration in spite of doing hard work and investigation in some burning recent cases are going to open some old cases as if there is nothing important in hand to attend to. Yesterday only Mr Arnab challenged the police commissioner for an open question answer session and today he is arrested citing some old case. So the timing is not good and people are feeling that police is taking revenge with Mr Arnab for giving that challenge. There is so much hue and cry in the social media, TV channels etc and the result is that Maharashtra Govt is getting a bad name. Social media is crying foul on this and people are telling that she there is no time and willingness to solve the present cases how suddenly such an emergency was created to dig out some old case. In Delhi, a big protest procession in support of freedom of press is going on in support of Mr Arnab.
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    Republic TV is very aggressive in its verbal attack on the weakness of the state administration and is openly criticising the police and Govt. Everyone knows that police and Govt are very powerful and if they find someone exposing their weaknesses or shortcomings they will try to create problem for him. They have thousand ways to arrest a person if they want to do so. Some old case or defamation of a person or something of that short and though court will grant bail but the inconvenience is already created to the journalist. That is why many journalist do not criticise the Govt and praise it for whatever it does. By doing that they get a type of protection also that if someone does anything wrong with them then the Govt machinery will protect them.
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    It is a case suspected to be abetment for suicide. The procedure adopted by the police to arrest a person at home is incorrect. Firstly, the police could have summoned the person to the police station for interrogation and investigation. If the person fails to appear, an arrest could have been ordered and the person arrested. If he absconds, he could have been caught and brought to custody by push or pull. It is a fully motivated illegal arrest by the MG.

    The suicide happened on 5th May 2018 and was closed, and the police raking up the case after two years. Surely it is revenge taking arrest by the government. An old case has been opened against the journalist purportedly. Not appreciated.

    If the case can take 2.5 years to settle, can't the police wait and give few hours for Arnab to settle his homefront and walk to police station before his arrest.

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    You said: "That is why many journalist do not criticise the Govt and praise it for whatever it does. By doing that they get a type of protection also that if someone does anything wrong with them then the Govt machinery will protect them."

    Are you sure ?

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    Neeru Bhatt's post above(#714107) gives a good observation in a nutshell and matter-of-factly.

    Every person has some good times and bad times. It is how you behave in good times that determines how you will be treated and dealt with in your bad times. I feel Arnab is having bad times now. He was always overdoing and somehow got on with it, probably because his times were good.

    All said and done we should all know that in our system politician is all-powerful. Hurt politicians are more revengeful and dangerous than the most venomous creature in this world. Hence when such people have power and absolute power they will definitely recall their hurts and surely will try to finish their adversaries or those who had inflicted damage to them or their reputation.

    Arnab was continuously stinging the Maharashtra government and Police. Republic TV highlighted and magnified the Sushant Singh suicide matter and Kangana Raut matter which were both hurting Maharashtra Government and Shiv Sena. Even though the central govt is led by BJP, the Shiv Sena alliance government is very powerful in their own way and even challenge the BJP led Modi government. In such a situation Arnab should have been very careful He should have been expecting some such action to pin -down him.

    The Maharashtra govt is led and advised by very clever, cunning ad experienced politicians who know when and where to strike back. I think Arnab probably misjudged or erred due to his lack of experience or overconfidence. The Maharashtra Police was put on a definite job and they did it well to please their political masters. We cannot blame them. Arnab used Sushant Singh's case to embarrass Maharashtra govt and Police. Shiv Sena and Maharashtra politicians very cleverly know and ' hit the baby to hurt the mother.'

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    Luckily, the judge has remanded him in judicial custody against the LCB's demand for Police custody where he could have faced a different situation. Now he is safe under judicial custody. He would apply for bail and would be granted.

    It was a closed case, and the police did not get the consent of the court to reopen the case. And no summon was issued to the accused.

    Ruling politicians are always in an advantageous position to take revenge with the help of the police. Police bosses oblige the ruling government due to fear of transfer.

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    As mentioned by Sun also the court has taken a prudent view and has it seems told the police that they should not have arrested Mr Arnab in that manner. So it is in fact a slap on the face of the police. The whole the social media is condemning police for such a childish action of arresting a person as if they are going to arrest some terrorist. It is also being alleged that police has misbehaved with him as he is a criminal or murderer. It has become a shameful matter and everyone is talking bad about the police. It is not understood as who has directed police to do such an intentional act.
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    There are many channels which talk against the authorities or Govt or influential people only up to a certain limit. They never go beyond that. That is the reason why they are called for dinner parties and other such functions by these influential people. This is happening not only today as it has happened in past also. There are a few courageous people who will say a spade a spade. The problem is that if you tell the truth you will be in problem. So, best is tell only a part of the truth and rest make talks here and there making every criminal and offender happy. You get your gifts in time and all favours from them. Enjoy life.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    The Maharastra police has been over acting in some cases and does nothing in many cases. When the Palgar lynching was shown, except the suspension of the so called constables nothing has been done and no justice. Time and again Republic tv has shown that clip which clearly shows that the Sadus were handed over to the hooligans to be lynched and that has happened in front of the police who would stop or react. In think National human rights commission has taken this matter of manhandling and arresting the forcible way of Arnab and even SC may take this case suo motto in the public interest.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Mohan, you are very right that police is behaving in a selective fashion and that is a big threat to the Indian democracy. There is, it seems, no one to check them and they are doing whatever their boss is telling them. This is a very pity situation that the state is under the mercy of the police only. There must be some strange and hidden reasons for police to take such extreme actions but that has created a big anti police wave in India and central Govt or supreme court might take some cognisance of this situation. Generally, police takes time for everything and never is so quick and it is a matter to be investigated by CBI thoroughly as why police is behaving extra active in this case. Normally if you go to them they will take hours for writing an ordinary FIR and make so many excuses and here they have gone to arrest a person in the morning as if he is going to disappear like a terrorist or murderer and will not be available in afternoon time. Very ridiculous and strange case.
    Knowledge is power.

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    A big force has entered Arnab's house to arrest him. To arrest a person, one police officer accompanied by a constable is sufficient. Here, in Arnab's house, we could see too many police officers both in uniform and civilian clothes, including lady police. Is it for an arrest or for an attack on the accused? When Arnab is not a terrorist or a criminal, why such a scene?

    We try to say "Police is our friend". No...No...No... They look at people as criminals only.

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    The timing of opening an old case is creating ripples in the social media because already there was a tussle going on between police and this channel. Only coming times will tell who is right as CBI and NCB have to submit their detailed reports in the SSR suicide and drug peddling case. Then only we will come to know where the fourth pillar of democracy actually stands. The social media is full of so many conflicting videos and other information about this case that it is very difficult to make out any sensible and concrete deduction by a person belonging to the general mass of the society. We are only a non participative audience just flowing ourselves with the common sentiments aroused in the public.
    Knowledge is power.

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    The latest news is that a big case being framed and he was denied bail plea and posted for Saturday and thus he was forced to live in jail for 3 days now. Police seeking custody and the court remanded him to judicial custody. That means after Nov 18th the Mumbai police would come up with fresh charges and cases and he would be taken to police custody again. But why the Editors guild of India and Ministry are mum on the case and not extending support to Arnab is really surprising.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    It is a well planned move to arrest and keep the journalist in jail during the Deepavali days, I think. The state has warned him that he would spend the Deepavali day in jail. Today is the last working day after which the court would go on holiday. If the case is not heard fully and no interim bail is given to the Editor today, he would spend his days in jail till 18th November, due to closure of court for 14 days after today Saturday the 7th November 2020. Let us watch what the Judge does.
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    Finally, the Supreme Court has granted interim bail to Arnab Goswami. SC has done justice to AG. The apex court asked the question - If a person from Maharashtra commits suicide leaving a chit that the Maharashtra government is responsible for the abetment of my suicide, will the police arrest Maharashtra Chief Minister? A good question asked for which there was no answer from the police/government.

    Arnab's arrest is not connected with freedom of speech, but a personal one with political vendetta. We should welcome the SC's decision to grant him bail.

    Let Arbind fight against his abetment case by continuing his normal RTV activities.

    Arnab will be more wild and active than before. We can see a sea change in him.

    My few questions would be
    1. Why the late Naiks did not go to the court and file a case against Arbind and others who did not pay their dues?
    2. Are they so poor people (handling crores of money) with nothing to eat&live and decided to commit suicide? Are they not coward Naiks rolling in crores?
    3. Prabably the money could be black money.

    No life without Sun

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