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    Do you believe in the doctrine of simple living and high thinking?

    Many great leaders had advocated the mantra of simple living and high thinking. Some of us follow it also. Simple living means that even if a person is having sufficient money he will not show off it and live in a simple way. Such a person will in fact be an example for others and so that some people can follow his foot prints. Simple living requires a lot of control and discipline on oneself. It is not an easy thing as the indulgences of luxuries and lure of materialistic world would definitely attract the affluent for showing off their riches to the society. So, if a person is having a simple life in spite of having money then it is a commendable thing. What is your take on that? Do you opt for a simple life or live lavishly and with show off if you earn good amount of money? Please share your views.
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    This similar thead has been discussed recently.

    Do you think that simple living is high thinking is an outdated concept?

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    Simple living is always better. Even a very rich man also has to eat the same food what an ordinary man eats. A rich may use a gold plate and an ordinary man may eat the same in a paper plate or aluminium plate. The food will be made of Rice or Wheat only. If we know this fact we will never feel that we are great and somebody else is not.
    The present-day society is also recognising the people who are very rich and put a lot of show only. A simple living person will never get the recognition. A man who will come and ask for a vote will never win. But when a star comes with many followers and asks for the vote will be received better. This is the mentality of the people these days. That is why people are thinking of high living always. If the neighbour is going by a Benz car, I will also feel that I should also have a Benz car. Al depends on the mindset of the individual. Actually, we should admire the people who are great but living a simple life. But today we are not seeing that anywhere.

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    We have to believe the simple living and great thinking by seeing the same from our seniors. In Tamilnadu our earlier Chief Minister Mr. K. Kamaraj, lived a very simple life who wore a white dhothi, white shirt and white towel on shoulder till his lost breath. His appearance was very simple but his actions as CM was very effective, though his education was only up to schooling. He did many things for the people and introduced free education and noon meal scheme for school children. He died without a own house.

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    Yes I believe in the doctrine of simple living and high thinking. In my personal observations made all these years I found that many who are simple in looks and has the simplicity in their real life always shows us their superlative thinking power much beyond our imagination. In fact their face may not be cute looking, the shabby way of their dressing would in fact make us doubt as to that person gone mad. But the way they understand and treat the problems to their understanding level is something to be trusted and believed. One thing is sure since these people draw wisdom from their studies and knowledge, they would not care for their looks or personality cult. They behave simple, move with common people and those who know their abilities would come calling and often seek their blessings and solutions for many problems.
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    Very few people can follow this difficult way of living. It requires a lot of control on ones desires and there are so many things around to lure us and go for show off and display our richness to others.
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    I also believe in simple living high thinking, good feelings and thoughts can come to the mind of a man only by making a simple living, food, and other kinds of life-behavior. Only those high thoughts with simplicity can make a person's life high and great. Only after making the thoughts and behaviors high, can a person achieve that real happiness and peace. It is a great quality in itself to bring simplicity to life and to remove petty thoughts from the heart. Proud of yourself is a big flaw. Removing this defect is necessary to make life simple. One who leads a simple life is courteous, and dignifie.
    Swati Sharma

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