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    Be the solution and not a problem to others

    Others should not feel that you are a burden to them, you are no more required amidst them and they should change their attitude towards you. For that try to be a solution finder for them and do not be a problem creator. They had enough about you and it is the time to change your attitude and behavior and therefore there is a need to be solution finder at least from now onward otherwise you would be missing the bunch of great friends. Have you ever felt on this count? Because every nonsense we create cannot be taken as joke.
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    Nowadays everyone has a lot of problems in his life and in such a situation, if we too become his problem then we will increase his burden. In such a situation, if our first effort is to reduce the problems of people instead of remaining good, then we will not have to face difficult situations in life. Then we will not have to grapple with unnecessary stress and unpleasant situations. Then no excuse has to be made from anyone. Everyone in life wants them to be good in all their relationships, everyone wants to keep the people who behave very sweetly in life, so you will not be a burden. But it is a big discrepancy that if we are happy with the same people who treat us sweetly, then those who communicate clearly definitely we do not like them. But we must learn to identify genuine people, not good ones.
    Swati Sharma

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    Why should we become a problem to somebody else? You will have your own problems and you may be busy in solving those problems. So we have no time to solve somebody else's problem. In the same way, others will also have their own problems and they may be spending their time in solving them. If you create an additional problem for them they will become more stressed and they may not like that. In such conditions, if you can solve their problems they will be very happy and welcome you more. Once you are getting recognised as trouble solving person many people look at you for help. That always indicates that you are a capable person. So always try to understand the problems by logical thinking and try to find out simple solutions so that you will become an answer to the problems of others. We always should remember that there will be a solution to all problems.
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    Agreed Mohan sir, many times people treat us as a problem when we give solution to their problems. I have faced such nose cut many times. To avoid this, I changed myself to give solutions to those who personally approach me. Only a very few situations my suggestions got valid effect.

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    I agree with the author is that we should be solution finder instead of problem creator for others. When we are accustomed to help the people in finding solution for them if they are need of help we win their heart and it is invaluable asset to have respect and good views in their sight.

    It's also a fact that nobody likes problem creator. People run away from such people. They are menace in the social circle.

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    If you can be a solution to others' problems then undoubtedly you will be the most sought after person. The problem with many people is neither they try to analyze their problems nor are they willing to listen to others' problems. They are busy telling others about the problems they are facing every day and continue this for most of the time. If a person always tells you about her/his problem whenever you meet that person then you will not like it. If a person is always interfering with your activities then also you will not like and will begin to think that person as a burden. Though we don't like such things interestingly, that's a part of our lives. There will be various problems and we need to find solutions to them. If anyone helps us to look for a solution to the problems we are facing then mostly we will welcome her/him and ask for that person's assistance whenever we face any complexities.

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    No one likes a problematic person. Everyone in fact avoids them. Creating problem is easy but helping, cooperating, and finding a solution is difficult. One must try to be helpful and supportive to others and then only one can earn respect in the society or in a group. In any organisation, the management picks the positive and cooperative employees for attending to the task related to the progress and prosperity of the organisation and treats them in a preferred way and the lazy and negligent employees feel jealous of them. Those who help the management in a constructive and positive way, they have to be awarded and there is nothing wrong in it.
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    If we deeply go through any family, we could see how they are facing so many problems and most of the time, we find that they are preoccupied in solving their existing problems. We can share with such fellows and even a little help from our side will relieve them from the agonies. However in our society we find some people highlighting their own issues and they are in no mood to listen to you and it appears that they are over stressed with the problems. Sometimes their approach to the problems is not right and they need to modify the steps to get right solution and even if we come forward with genuine help to our relatives, they would ignore our genuine suggestions. The best way to ease the problems is to listen to others and solution would definitely emerge with the mutual belief.

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    Nowadays people are very intelligent. If someone is coming to them for a problem solving or creating a problem then they will make some excuse and disappear from the scene and that person will search them and they will never be available. So what I mean to say is no one likes a person coming to them with a problem. So, the lesson learnt is that if we are going to someone then we should go with something in which he is interested and it is going to benefit him and then only he will talk to us in a pleasant and smiling way otherwise he would dismiss us quickly.
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