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    Are you a social media influenced person?

    Whether you agree or not, social media has been playing crucial role in everyday life and we are all connected to the social media through our cell phones and net works. What is my contention is that some of us getting over influenced by the happenings in social media and try to follow them. How far the reports are true and authentication not established yet at the face of it as and when it appears we are completely carried away by the contents and even share the same immediately to others and our followers. Are you so obsessed and influenced by social media?
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    When we start sharing more and more of our emotions, our activities, happiness, problems through social media, and getting disconnected from people in practical life, then it is time to make distance with social media. I am not particularly fond of social media, most of my time is spent with family members and friends and the rest of my time is spent in writing. Social media is not so important for me, I think most people on social media live a fake life, due to which many people take the wrong direction due to the influence.
    Swati Sharma

    Keep your Face to the SunShine

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    Social media is a very popular area for many of us to pass time. We all will have a smartphone in our hand always and we will be seeing the social media sites only for most of the times. WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, and many more are there. We will be spending some time on these sites.
    But I am not a person who got addicted to this. Once in a while, I may go through these sites. I have no account on Twitter or Instagram. I have a facebook account and I use WhatsApp as media to communicate with my relative and friends. But I may not be spending minimum time only.
    But I see many people wasting their time on this social media only. They use this for time pass and they spend their time chatting with friends hours together. We see postings on this media even in the midnight also and it is never advisable. Better to devote our time for some constructive works and see that we will be using our time productively.

    always confident

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    Social media has no censor, so most of the content is always doubtful, however, some of the platforms on social media are reliable and give authentic content. For news analysis often I see some of them like P.P. Vajpai, Abhisar Sharma, Ashotosh & team, Pragya Mishra, Shambhu Singh etc all these are qualified and stalwart journalists and almost of them are ex-main stream media personnel. They do fair reporting and coverage. Even their thumbnails are also not instigative and aggressive. I would recommend to watch, at least, once to Pragya Mishra. She goes into the field and does ground reporting.

    But it does not mean I believe in their reporting/report analysis blindly, I compare them with main stream media, moreover, I get in touch with international media as well to know facts and truth.

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    While at home, we cannot look at our family members 24x7. We need to have some other activities. Social media fulfills it. Reading newspapers, magaines, watching TV, listening to Radio, chatting with friends on facebook and whatsapp etc are such activities that keep us busy in our life. Therefore, all are influenced by social media.
    No life without Sun

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    Social media is a place which is full of many news items some of which might be authentic while some are totally fake and fabricated. Most of us are simply flowing in this river of this information and deducing certain things as per our perceptions and most of the times these perceptions are totally illogical and wrong because we are not able to differentiate between true and false. So, we are influenced by it not only superficially but very severely and seriously. Too much visiting in social media site is misleading us and influencing us badly. It is advisable to use it selectively and for a minimum time. Another thing is we should go to only the reliable channels and reliable information as far as possible.
    Knowledge is power.

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    I do not believe much in the social media activities as that is not reliable and sometimes it is very misleading and has got some tainted flavour. There are people who are using social media to influence the gullible people or voters. We should be careful from their evil plans and use our own judgement about the person or party or any group which is engaged in any campaign in social media.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Social media is like an ocean, we really cannot identify all the species, weight of the fishes there. So it is better to take careful steps and never get flown into the message. It is really disheartening that the contents makes us to go deep into the topic but it is always better to keep away from such informations.
    We can see most of people are using comments and are followers in facebook and instagram. Some arr visible in social media for interests and passion. If it is a group of well known friends and relatives or a community, it is better as the information will be authentic.

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    Rightly said that social media is a ocean and we have to find our stuff and be content with it.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
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