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    Work from Hill - A new and good initiative.

    A new concept followed by companies in the world after the lockdown was implemented in the Corona period. Because life cannot stop, work has to be done, even if not from home. There are many problems of working from home, mantle health, seating posture, mixing of home and office work and also all kinds of problems with work from home. In such a situation, the new trend is to work from a hill.

    Actually 'Work from Hill' is a new work station for many companies. Many companies in the country and the world have brought this new trend. There are many resorts and home stages in Uttarakhand, Himachal, which are providing work facilities to professionals.

    That means the workers suffering from lockdown pressure, depression, etc are being given packages to work a few days between the plaintiffs, mountains. For this, from north to south India, homestays, resorts, hotels are offering new schemes and packages.
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    I read about this in newspapers. Many software employees are going to these hill stations and stay there while working for somedays. The company may be giving them some special package to them for this. But some employees are ready to spend that money from their Leave Travel Allowance (LTA) so that they will have some change as they are not able to move out from their houses almost from the last 8 months. The resorts and hotels are maintaining all the needed precautions so that the people staying with them will not have the problem of getting infected.
    Recently I noticed another trend. The employees who are working from home are going to some of their relatives who staying in nearby places and spending some days with them and they continue working from there. This is also giving them some change and they are not feeling monotonous. When there are some restrictions people will try to find out their own ways to feel happy and overcome the boredom.

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    Human business ingenuity can do wonders. It is only when someone bring out a new opportunity that others feel oh why it did not strike me. That is business. Modern business minds are very god at it.

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    Good that new ideas are being implemented to create awesome work experience so that the out put should maximum and the employees should be good spirit. Work from hill is the new concept for India as the office and home has become the disturbing areas because study from home is highly effecting the performance of those who opted for work from home. Since the work from hill is the resort place, the relaxation, the after work warmth and hospitality would surely reduce the work tensions and be relaxed. I think without any disturbance the employees would be working for more hours and that tranquility would ensure even good and superlative performances than expected . Once the task is done before time the employees would be given long leaves to celebrate the bonding with their families and friends at their homes.
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    This is really a very interesting idea and the employees will definitely welcome it. Moreover there are some hill stations where corona is not spread much because of the limited population and less crowding as tourism there is at its lowest at present. So employees can work in isolation and companies can get a good productivity from them. I think this arrangement will be ideal for IT persons.
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