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    Traffic constable gesture saved a life

    During the peak hours the traffic in Hyderabad main roads are busy and jam packed. An ambulance with critical patient was driving down the Abids-Koti area and Traffic constable Babji noticed it and created a way for it by running two kms in front of the ambulance down the road towards Koti and thus the motorists and cars gave way for the ambulance realizing the urgency and the efforts of Babji was successful as the patient was into the hospital in time and was saved. Such efforts need to be appreciated as his timely behavior has cleared the traffic.
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    It is very good to note that a constable saved the life of a patient who has to reach the Hospital very fast and the Ambulance is not able to move because of the jammed roads. We should appreciate such efforts by the constable. The family of the patient should express their gratitude to the constable. The department should also notice such activities and encourage them by giving a special gift. Then other constables will also try to follow him in cases of emergency. My appreciation for the police.
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    This is a great narration about such a constable. I feel proud that we have such nice people in the police forces. Such people should be rewarded by the police department and the local citizen groups should recommend for it.
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    We rarely get to know the good works of traffic police and this one step further ahead.
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