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    Our ego many times harms us only

    Ego is a natural trait though it is modified or sharpened depending on ones upbringing. It is present in good quantities in most of the people and is observed time and again by the people who interact with them. My observation is that though there is no harm in having some amount of ego in us but many time due to its dominance we avoid some situations or fight just to give credence to it. But all that actually harms us in many ways. At times ego will mask our judgement and decision making capability and we will lose the opportunity to get advantage of the situation which otherwise was an opportunity for us. So we should try to keep our ego at a side when we are dealing with the people and working in a real life situation. What do the members feel about this analysis?
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    Truly said by the author as our ego is our first enemy and we can even overcome the traits of our enemies but we cannot get out of ego as it we use it for our personal gains. Many a time we try to keep the ego aside, but again when the things are not in favor we try to maintain our ego and then realize that we missed the bus of best opportunities which we could have proved our abilities. Some people feel that by not having ego they are forgoing their right to be a forth right persons. But it is reverse in thinking as by having ego they are distancing the people who sought to be their well wishers and close movers feel like dejected and unwanted. And what is the use of such ego which causes much harm to their character assassination to which there is no point of return. If there is any chance try to change otherwise the loss will be yours.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Very true. Ego is considered as big hurdle on the way of success. if we are egoistic then may be, we can lose many has opportunity in life. Ego is not good for our health as well as behaviour. As I noticed that egoistic person never feel free Psychologically. They never share their feeling and opinion due to high dominance of ego. Ego create distance among all relationship .Sometimes, it is so harmful that we can't fill rift what has created before. As per my view, Ego has been always harmful to us. It should be avoided at any cost.

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    If a man has an enemy in the world, then his inner disorder is his ego. His ignorance is the root cause of his misery. How will we mitigate our disorders until we recognize them? We all know that ego is our biggest enemy. He is the biggest obstacle in his rise in love, in self-progress, in the path of knowledge. Yet we are not able to let go of the ego. Some have pride of beauty, some have the arrogance of wealth, some know, and some have the rank. This ego is such a big enemy of yours that sometimes you make us even this monster. Therefore, no man should ever have the arrogance of anything in life, or else the ego inside you will take you, and one day you will not be worth anything.
    Swati Sharma

    Keep your Face to the SunShine

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    That is right. Our ego is bad for us only. Some people think that they are very big and never care for the people. When we want some help from others, if we go to them also they may not help us as they know that we are very egoistic. During critical times also we may fail to get the needed help.
    Every human being will have his/her speciality. But we should never think we are special from all others. We came to this world alone and we will go alone. In between why to think that we are great and make many foes. That is no way good for us.
    So have good manners and don't show your ego to all others. The other person is also will have some specialities. So be helpful to others. I have seen many very egoistic people can't express themselves openly. They will get stressed because of this and may get unnecessary health problems. We need not surrender to all for no mistake of ours but becoming bad to all by showing our egoistic mentally to all is not good.

    always confident

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    Having ego in us results:
    1.We ourselves become blind to see other side
    2.We drive out others from our nearness
    3.We become adamant and selfish
    4.We never adhere others on anything
    5.Our total interest and peace will lost

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