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    Should women play a global sport like football?

    It seems there have been debates on whether or not women should play football which is like a Global sport. Do you think women should be limited from playing it?
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    Man and woman are equal. There should not be any discrimination based on gender. If a woman wants to play football or any other game in which men have monopoly nobody can stop her.

    Why any controversy will spark if the woman mentioned in the post by the author plays football. I don't know detail about the context and grounds of this statement of the lady . It will be appreciated if the author writes in detail about it.

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    Let there not be any discrimination between the two genders. If we think clearly regarding the objective and have the clarity how to proceed football game, there is no question of reversal of such a decision. However, this play demands a lot of stamina and energy to go ahead with this play. If she fits in such a regimen, she should definitely take up this game without any second thought.

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    In the past, women were housewives. In this modern days, women have equalled men in all arenas of life. There is a gender equality, and women are considered supreme. They participate in every event where men participate. Women are good at playing sports. Many women from India have proved it beyond doubt. While we can have women hockey and women cricket teams, why not women football team.
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    You have raised an interesting post. Today the women have come out of the four walls of the houses and are actively participating in activities which were earlier the prerogative of men only. So in that context playing games like football, hockey, cricket, basketball etc is not only for men only. Women can very well participate in it and in fact we should encourage them to play these games wherever the facilities are there.

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    These days females are also playing almost all games. Cricket they are playing. They are playing Kabadi also. Hockey also they are playing. So why not football? I feel they can start playing this game also. They can get the required expertise by practising the game.
    These days women are competing with men in almost all the works. They are going ahead of Men in some areas. So there is no field where women can't take part. I am thinking that the stage is set for playing the game combined. Why have separate men's team and women's team? Why not mixed teams?

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    There are many girls which are good in sports and in fact they play better than many of the boys. So why they should be deprived of these games and sports. Women have all right to play in those global sports.
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    Today, men and women both having equal right. So, women have right to join any kind of sports like men. Now, there is no field left where women are not entered. As far as sports are concerned, these days they are playing almost all games. So, what is a hindrance in playing football games? I observed that Women proved better than men in many games. So, They should start playing football games. Govt should encourage them for these global sports.

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    While I do support that all the sports must have the equal participation of men and women but some sports needs stamina and lots of running and maneuvers to which the women are averse and they cannot cope up. Football is the game of passing , lifting, lofting and running around with ball passing to the other player in a most intelligent way to which I doubt ladies are not well versed. And if the opposite player comes challenging towards the ball and focus the stop of hit being hit, the head on collusion may be strong and the women are not accustomed to such sports where the injuries would happen naturally. Football is the game of stamina and moves and the women need lots of practice but I doubt no country has ever given thought on this nor even at the local levels we have seen women playing this sport which is surely dedicated to men.
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    Nowadays it is not appropriate to discriminate in any field on any basis. As far as sports are concerned, women are giving their best performance in almost every field, so that their ability can be easily assessed. Women should be given equal rights in every country of the world so that they can find every destination they want. Like other sports, football is a sport that is won through hard work and practice, it has nothing to do with gender but with the interest in the game.

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