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    Why most men cry less?

    Often, men complain that women start crying at the slightest, but men have been seen crying very rarely. Aren't they emotionally hurt?

    Whether a child is a girl or a boy, there is no control over their crying. He always starts crying, regardless of what people will think about him. Because they do not have so much understanding. No matter how strong the women are emotional, they are unable to stop themselves from crying. But the man will be seen crying very hard for you.

    It is believed that crying is a sign of being weak and men do not want to show themselves weak. Is this the only reason why most men cry less?
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    I think men may be crying inside and they will somehow manage not to show their tears to others. But they will be weeping inside. Emotions will be there to men also. Their feelings will also get hurt sometimes and sometimes they may not control their emotions. But if they start crying other people may think that he is not emotionally strong. So then try not to show their crying to others.
    Ladies easily start crying and by seeing those tears the other party should become silent. Otherwise, there may be more problems. I don't whether the EQ of ladies is less than that of men. But these days I am observing many ladies also are becoming strong and not getting emotional easily.

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    Its not that men does not have emotions and bonding but when it comes to crying they cry inside and does not seen outside. They keep the inner feelings and does not show unlike the women. Even at the slightest instigation a woman would cry unabated whereas the man would not cry even when the death occurs and such is the controlling power. For example when by elder brother died who was 18 when he died, the whole house was crying and whaling. But I was gathering confidence in me as nothing going to happen while expressing anguish over crying. What ever is happened the worst has been done and we have to take the things to our stride. But on the other hand the female members of my family were scolding me on controlling the cry and insisted I must vent my feeling to which I said I have much inside and need not show outside.
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    Good posting as I myself thinking the same many times. But in recent years women also less in crying as outburst, I have seen in some houses. I saw some ladies who lost their father/mother too did not cry as others. Men normally, it is said that they keep everything in their heart and so they are less cried out. But according to pathology, it is advisable to cry out in situations and if they keep everything in themselves it may lead to heart attack.

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    Agree, it's a universal fact that women cry more than men. Psychologist and neurologist have their own opinion based on their research, experiment and experience. Some of them have opined that testosteroneis is seen more in men than women and it inhibits crying whereas hormone prolactin which promotes crying is seen more in women than men.
    Generally, women cry more than men because of following reasons.

    - Women are more emotional than men and as a matter of fact crying is related to emotions. But some men are also emotional they also cry more than many other men.
    - Generally women are soft hearted and soft heart releases tears easily in certain situations.
    - Those who are more materialistic. They don't give importance to emotions. They are pragmatic and enigmatic. Such people are seen less crying.
    - Those who give importance to relationship and amiability with people cry more.
    - Those who are dependent on others are seen crying more than those who are self depend.

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    We live in a society where the male gender is considered to be superior and is believed they should not cry like females. Even the child grow up and if he cries we say that don't cry like a girl. This is just what our society says but that's not true all of us have emotions equally man or woman everyone gets hurt and cry.

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    Crying is not a sign of weakness but it is related to emotional quotient. Many women do not cry like other women and it differs from person to person. As regards why more women cry as compared to men the answer is a bit cryptic because men are from Mars and women are from Venus. What this cryptic sentence means is that men are by nature tough and have less sentimental mind set as compared to women. These things are controlled by the genes and some natural traits which are inherent in males and females and very clearly appear in their behaviour and mannerism.
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    Men are by nature superior and strong. Even if they feel crying they will cry only when no one is seeing them. Men have a feeling that they are above all and should not show their weakness in public. In general men are less sentimental as compared to women so it is natural that they will not be affected by small matters. Another important thing is they do not require the attention of the women while the women in general require their attention and help time to time. This situation is changing now as some women who are independent and earning member do not bother for the men and if there is a situation they are ready to separate from their side and even threat the men that they are going away with the children and let the men sit there in isolation. So many changes are happening in the society and slowly this difference in crying would hopefully decrease.
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