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    Infotainment, success and creative- that is ISC for present genre

    Our beloved site ISC is fondly called as India Study Channel and we have been doing the best in the field of knowledge sharing and knowledge creation. Over the past few months new members have joined this site and increased their quotient of contributions with new thoughts and creative ideas and therefore the ISC can now be called as Infotainment Success and Creative. Most of the threads are not only useful but some are information to us and therefore their success through creative contributions has once again hyped the site further.
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    The author has come out with a new definition of ISC. That is really good and I liked it.
    These days we see many new members coming here and contributing in almost all the section of ISC. Many useful discussions are taking place in the Forum section. Earlier days many of the threads were not even having one response at least. But these days we are not seeing such threads. Almost all the threads are getting 4 or 5 responses which show that the traffic to the site is increased. It is very good and if more and more comes and contributes like this, the site will further go up.
    The Editors are also trying their best to see that all the members will improve their writing skills and trying to encourage all by introducing new contests and other activities. All the Editors need an appreciation for their efforts in this respect.
    The site is really giving good information and creating many content writers. Because of these two issues, the site has achieved very good success and I wish it should touch further heights in the coming days.

    always confident

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    Good observations from Dr Rao, the site has good writers on board and every good post gets the attention now.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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