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    Suggestion to add a new ad network to ISc

    Hello admins and members I saw a new ad network that goes by the name Do check it out, could it become part of the ad network that support us on this platform. Share your opinions
  • #714214 is an independent platform and does not ask us to remove our association with Adsense. I have seen some reports that some bloggers have linked it to their blog sites and advertisements are popping up there and they are sharing revenue with the blogger. What I read about this is that it requires good traffic in the blog and then only they allow you to link it. So for the blogs that is the status.

    In ISC, we all are working in this host site and until host site links to, we do not get any advantage. I am also not sure that whether is as versatile as Adsense which is distinguishing each member in a host site unlike a blog site where each blogger is already distinguished. Another doubt is whether Adsense would allow us to do that along with it or not. I had some information so I thought to share it. Admin or webmaster may be having more information about it.

    Knowledge is power.

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