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    Some people digging for themselves with a view to revenging others

    Some people I have seen around me that they are digging themselves with a view to revenging others. I saw in a house an elder brother admitted his son into a hostel in order to deviate the child from his younger brother with whom the boy found more attached. In fact the younger brother very fond of the boy (brother's son) and he did many things for the boy from buying dresses, education materials and even guiding him in his school subjects and project works. Somehow or other the elder brother did not like the younger one though the younger one is free from any bad habits etc.,
    With a view to deviate the child from him, the elder brother admitted the boy in a hostel attached school in the next town. The boy stayed there, though studied well, he got addicted with some bad habits like smoking etc.,
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    This is not a weird incident, however it's not common too. It may happen in families that one brother does not like another brother. It's the personal matter of that man who sent his son to other place for study to keep his son stay away from his own brother but generally this extreme step is not taken in a joint family. It's common in this situation that their ties are severed and they stop minglinging with each other. I think when a joint family can't live together happily and begin to suspect each other it's good for them to live separately before their differences change into quarrel and become the talk of neighbours.

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    One brother not liking the other brother is seen in many families. This will increase after marriage. The wife will have a very high influence on the mind of the husband and he will generally see that his wife will be happy. In such situation, only this type of incidents will happen.
    My father took care of his mother and two brothers as his father expired when my father was about 16 years and he is the eldest of the three. The elder among to younger brothers changed a lot and never treated my father properly. So my father decided that all the three will get separated. After getting separated also, he continued the same behaviour. But the younger among the two is very affectionate towards my father and he used to help our family a lot.
    Like that the liking between the brothers will come down after the marriage and there will be chances for more problems also.

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    This is very bad on the part of the father who misjudged his own brother and made his son suffer for no fault of him by putting him in the hostel and there the boy got into bad habits. Teenage is dangerous and the children should be under the watchful eyes of the parents. Here the boy's father has erred as he wanted to save his son from the over loving and caring of his brother but that proven very wrong. Now the bad habits cannot be driven away and the boy has gone out of hand from the parents, and what is the use of repenting such grave mistakes some parents does without knowing the aftermath.
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