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    Why these people doing like this in the name of novelty?

    I have seen nowadays, in many newspapers they have half newspaper either in the first or second page. In some newspapers they have some sort of projected portions of paper in the first page or second page. I do not understand the logic behind it and why these people are doing such things in the name of novelty?
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    Ramachandran Pattabiraman,

    I literally laughed on seeing this thread, because this is exactly what has been discussed in my home. We call it the annoying flap! Annoying, because it covers the main, first page. However, I think it may be useful to some people because sometimes it has a brief synopsis of some important news and on the other side of the fold there may be something interesting. For example, oncethe entire IPL schedule was printed on the backside of the fold and at another time there was information on the virus.

    It depends on the reader's perspective whether or not it is just a novelty or something useful to read over quickly before dashing off to work.

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    The front news paper with half page as the first page is really annoying, may be it is the attention seeking gimmick being fashioned by a leading news paper. News paper should be user friendly and not should not be a problem to the users. And some news papers are having only 25 percent content on the first page and rest goes for the ads and that is further annoying. Gone are the days when we used to get all the gist of news in the first page itself and now we have to turn for the continuation and the flap half page on the very first page is something irritating and we just cannot digest that happening again.
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    It all depends on how you look at it. By seeing the first page itself we will get a complete idea about the important news and we can go to the respective pages if we want to get the full details. Otherwise, we can ignore them. It is a different type of indexing I think. People will get attracted to the news coverage on the first page itself.
    But some people feel it is disturbing their attention. Our habit is that the first page should give all the details of the top news of the previous day. So this new look may not be liked by them. These days many newspapers will have full-page advertisements on the first page itself and there may not be any news on that page.

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    #714282 sir, the question is not about the paper contents but the paper size. In many newspapers, they have the first sheet as half (vertical) sheet instead of full sheet. In some newspapers the first page is having a slight projection out of the normal size.

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    That is how the new trends are evolved. There must be some management Guru behind this so called novel way to present the newspaper. This half sheet may be useful to some busy executives but for a retired person like me it is definitely a source of amusement if not annoyance. Tomorrow someone will come out with some new thought as to make each alternative page as half page for business use as only it will be available on the half pages and other news in the full pages so that the busy executive can only go through the half pages quickly and does not waste his precious time. In essence people like change and business houses are always ready to find newer and newer ways which they call novelty. I remember there was a hindi magazine which used to change its outward size every 4-5 years to bring novelty. Unfortunately in spite of bringing novelty it ended up with lower circulation then it changed to earlier popular size to bring the lost glory back.
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    I think newspapers are also evolving in this new age. Nowadays, people are not solely dependent on newspapers because they get updates all the time on their smart mobile gadgets. Newspapers finding new ways to stay relevant by changing the designs and way of presenting news. That's why the size of the first page has changed in many newspapers. I have seen in many dailies that the truncated first page contains only advertisements, though others have news printed on that page. They are doing this to find out whether their popularity/revenue can be increased. After some time, if they find it's not serving the purpose then they will modify the designs.

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    If the half page or the flap is in between the newspaper then it is not so inconvenient but this front one is really annoying. If it is simply some fashion thing then it is in very amusing to note that but if it is done for some other business reason which is beyond our comprehension then I think we cannot comment much on its shabbiness. Let it be there for the sake of those people who are benefited by it in one way or other.
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