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    Useful tips for those aged above 60 to have a pleasant and safety days

    The following are tips for all gender above the age of 60.
    • When going to bath room / toilet in the house keep the door as just closed and without bolting from inside
    • Do not try to walk when the house floors are cleaned with water
    • Avoid taking anything from loft or shelf by climbing in ladder or standing on the chair or stool or bench.
    • Avoid putting cloths on the high level by standing on the stool etc.
    • Never attempt to drive a car or two wheeler, without accompanying person.
    • Take tablets and tonic as prescribed in time without fail
    • Never compromise yourself with anybody if a thing makes you happy
    • Never go to ATM or bank without accompanying person
    • Avoid unknown person in your house when you are stay alone or handle such person with caution
    • Try to keep a calling bell with button with you near bed, in bath room / toilet
    • Avoid driving any vehicle or cycling to the maximum extent
    • It is important and necessary to have persons like friends and relatives around you. For this you have cordial approach them.
    • Present days are pleasant to enjoy to you so do not have any thought or fear about future or past.
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    Being a senior person theses points are definitely helpful for me and I appreciate the author to compile them and placing here for wide circulation. Actually in old age, people do a lot of mistakes in handling the tasks as they forget that they have become old and start to take up it in the old day fashion and get a sprain in the hands or legs. We must try to understand that mentally we might be alert but physically we are going into a state of reduced power level and doing anything beyond our limits would only harm us. So taking precautions is a must and if we are careful our children will not face problems because of some mistakes we do and fall down and get hurt.
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    A very helpful thread has been provided by the author. These tips are quite useful for everyone. Senior citizens should take special care of their health along with these tips, there is no natural way for senior citizens to be healthy other than yoga. Yoga practice should be done on an empty stomach in the morning in an open environment, if the weather is cold, you can practice it inside the room while protecting yourself from the cold. If you do not get time in the morning, then you can make an empty stomach in the evening even 4-5 hours before lunch. While doing yoga, keep in mind that the diseases in my body are getting cured and the whole body is getting better.
    Swati Sharma

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    Senior citizens have to take care, just minute mistakes can cause severe damage and end up being a dependant person from an independent person. This applies to all age groups of people, care your self, your body either at office or home. It is your mate until your life exists.
    I will like to add to the aurhor's suggestions on intake of water. It has to be limited and minimal after sunset giving a sound sleep, creating less disturbance to the people at home. Nights are havoc creators for most old aged people. Minimal physical exercise and balanced diet should be a regular practice to overcome health disorders.

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    My appreciation to the author for giving so many safety tips to the seniors who are reaching 60 plus. It is the fact that after 55 years the body will not cooperate and the weakness sets in and the elders feel that they are left in lurch and should mend their own ways. I have seen many elders above sixty venturing on the roads by walking slowly with stick and they sometimes tumble down due to non even level of roads and thus they should not venture out without the help of someone. At the banks also they tend to go early and stand in the queue for the pension credits every month. Nowadays the pass book machines are installed and anyone can go and get that printed. But elders wont listen and they would personally visit the banks and even post offices much to the annoy of officers there and against disliking of house members.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    The author has given some good tips for senior citizens which can be helpful for them. Some tips are coming in my mind which I want to share here.
    - They should go for morning walk. Also Walking barefoot on grass is good for health.
    - They should keep in touch with their friends and spend their time with them too. - If they are facing any problem in their family like misbehaviour of their son or daughter in laws etc they should never disclose it to their every friend. It's good for them if they could hide it from their close friends too. especially, when they completely depend on their son.
    - They should take their medicine and mobile in their pocket while going out of their home. Also they may keep a slip on which phone number and address is written.
    - They should not always lie on bed, rather involve themselves in physical activity, at least, they should do their own work, especially , when their daughter in laws behaviour is not very good with them.
    - They should not make feel their family members that they are burden on them for every work.
    - They may teach their grandchildren.
    - They should not sit where friends or relatives of their daughter in laws are.
    - They should not butt in on personal or official matter of their son, especially, when suggestions are not required or asked for.
    - They should purchase some affordable gift items for family members every month if they are pensioners.

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    The author has listed out very important points that are to be followed by the people who are above 60 years. All the points mentioned by him are really important and very useful to all. All old people should take care of these points.
    One of my friend who is above 70 had an accident. They have an overhead tank on the terrace of the building. He wanted to see whether water is there or not in the tank. So he went to the terrace and climbed the ladder provided to the tank. But while coming down the ladder, he slipped and fallen down. He was unconscious and immediately got admitted him in Yasodha Hospital, Secunderabad. He has to spend around 6 lakhs of rupees to become normal. But he is not as active as he was before the accident. This is an example of how small mistakes will become sources of big problems.
    All senior citizens should remember this and follow the points mentioned and maintain their health properly. They should have good eating habits and also should have proper sleep. A good physical moment is required. So walking for some time is good.

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    Nowadays we get these kind of tips and suggestions . But still we forget or ignore them. Hence periodical reminders like this thread are helpful.

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    Very important tips are provided in the thread and my thanks to the author for sharing these with us. Almost every family has aged people and it is important to take care of them. The aged people also have to be cautious because with age the capabilities decrease. It takes time for a wound to heal and for aged persons it takes a very long time. After a certain age, people cannot maintain the balance of their body all the time and that's why it is always recommended to stay in company with another person while carrying out certain tasks. Staying healthy and fit is always important at any age and along with that, we must take enough precautions.

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