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    Wondering how people kick the ladder which helped them to climb

    Many people forget the help provided by others. Some take this as advantage by saying that was their duty. We can see in many houses parents are driven out from family or ignored once they got married.
    Like this a painful incident I have seen in my friends circle. One of my friend took more care on his younger brother after their mother's death. He, along with his wife and father, took much initiative steps for marriage of his brother as he assured for the same to his mother when she was alive. He took this marriage as a challenge and solemnized the marriage with great help of his wife and father. After a year, that girl got conceived and as no relatives from their side, my friend and his his wife took all steps for good delivery of a male child. After their father's death, the younger brother started his drama and hated the elder brother and sister in law without reason. Suddenly one day the wife of my friend also demised due to heart attack. Since that day the younger brother and his wife tortured my friend as anything and made him to move out of the house by leaving all his belongings to the new boy, as my friend have no child.
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    What the author has written about is a sad fact and it exposes real character of many people. They are ingratiated and take all favours for granted and when they have wangled to get their work done, they forget the person who opened his heart to support them financially and morally. These type of black sheep are highly disgusting people.

    The author has written how his friend brought up his brother and helped him with open hands but at last he was expelled from his own home helplessly and haplessly. So sad.

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    What the author shared is really moving and that should not have happened at least when the educated children are at the helm of managing the family. Parents are the pillars and ladder for any child to climb up of their career and when they are settle they should keep the parents happy. Though the son would be good and wants to give all comforts to the parents. it is the new wife who does not want elders around her and that would be more disturbing and taxing for her mentally and physically. Though many daughter in law promises to look after the mother in law and father in law after they get married, slowly the hostilities start between them and the husband is being told against their overtures and the son would get irritated with the parents behavior and finally they are sent to the old age homes for sure.
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    This is very sad. I never thought that people will be selfish to that extent. There are many such people in professional front. I have seen many people who came up with the help of somebody deceived the same person. But in a family how a brother can behave this way with his elder brother. Mainly all these things will happen after marriage only. These days wives are having more influence on their husbands. So the girls are making the boys think more about her parents that his parents. Even the girl stays with parents in law, she will be in touch more with her parents. That is why many parents these days are feeling that it is better to have a daughter than a son.
    If there is a ladder available anybody can come to the top and hence the competition will become very high. So after we climb the ladder if we can remove that ladder, nobody will come on to the top and hence the competition will be less. That is how selfish people think and these days we see such people only are flourishing more than the others.

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    This is a sad and moving story. This is happening in many families that the younger ones, whom the elders helped in all the adverse situations and sacrificed their own luxuries, do not care their elders once they become dependent on them. It is a bad trend in the society and it is unbelievable that people can be so selfish that they cannot think beyond their wives and children. This is against our culture where even guest was treated like a family member. In old age what a person requires - only two time meals and some basic care - but that also these younger people are not willing to provide.
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    If the parents are getting comforts with their children, I must say that the parents are lucky at least they are getting basic amenities from their loved ones. But the same is not happening always with their old parents. Their requirement is limited both in terms of food and clothes. Their parents need genuine loves from their children and this natural desire is not even being provided to them due to hostile attitude of the daughter in law. The son becomes a puppet with the strict rule of his wife. The entire love relationship between the parents and the son is distorted due to poisoning the ear of her husband. The son forgets the old days when their parents made a lot of sacrifice in upbringing their kids. The sons should be wise enough to protect the environment of their houses otherwise they would receive similar fate from their own children. Such a vicious cycle is repetitive in nature.

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    It is really shocking but often we get these types of news. Greed is ruining many people. The clash with the parents or siblings in families is mainly because of the share of the property. Many people are so materialistic that they can stoop to any level to satisfy their greed. They think the world is for them only and cannot share things with others. I am sure the younger brother of your friend is not happy inside and always remain tensed because of excessive greed. The most shocking part of these types of incidents is the sudden change in behaviour. It is difficult to say why people change abruptly. One of the reasons may be lack of self-discipline. Such persons are easily influenced by others and can do unimaginable things.

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    People are by nature selfish and they will not mind in ignoring the person who had helped them in their rainy days. At the same time there are many of them who remember the help provided and time to time acknowledge and reciprocate in their humble ways.
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