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    Are you interested to attend spoken English webinars?

    Communicating in English is one of the major skill required in almost all companies, industries. How do you make up speaking fluently. Do you attend webinars?

    Reading books is also a better way to improve your vocabulary adding value to your speaking skill.

    Does the certificate of attendance have a value? Does it make an impact on your spoken English? Suggesr your opinions.
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    We inculcated talking and writing fluently in English through practice and reading books. When ever elders are present I used to speak to them and they would correct me if I falter. That way English has been improved over the years. But now the trend is online learning and webinars are the order of the day. Since such webinars are conducted during the office hours and timings, it may not be possible to attend the same but would certainly love to participate in such seminars among the luminaries and educationist. But nothing can beat self learning through books and conversation with friends and like minded persons.
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    The practice is necessary to speak English. Do this exercise by paying money in a coaching center or do it daily with discipline without spending any money sitting at home. Webinars etc. also prove helpful, but discipline is important.
    I was a Hindi medium student, so I had less chance to read English. But when I was in 9th class, I got interested in English communication, then I made every effort to learn it and started reading English books. In this, the children of the family played the most role, I used to talk with them in English the most time, in addition to that my grandfather who did MA in English, I also got a lot of support from him.

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    People who want to learn English speaking and writing and improve their knowledge in this language may attend these webinars. It is a good way of improving our knowledge. Webinar means we have to join as per the time decided by the organisers. So if one is not able to adjust their timings joining in these webinars will be a problem. For such people, the best way to improve their skills is to read books and newspaper. Here you can read the book when you have time or read the newspapers when you have time. You can decide on the timing and you will manage your time easily. Another way to improve your language is to speak the language always. So these practices of reading, speaking will give very good improvement. Some people hesitate to talk thinking the other people may laugh at them if they commit mistakes. That hesitation should not be there. If you make mistakes others will correct and that is a way of improving your skill.
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    There are many ways to improve English including the webinars. But one thing is sure, you cannot go ahead unless you have the inclination to learn the same. With your deep passion and the entouragement of near and dear ones you will certainly improve a lot.
    Regular reading of books and Newspspers in English can also improve your command. Let there not be any fear of committing mistakes when speaking English. Your impression that there are the people in your surroundings who may laugh at you if you repeat some mistakes. Instead of thinking in that way, you are giving opportunity to your well wishers to correct you in the event some mistake occurs in learning this language. Any guilt in the learning procedure would hinder you to go in forward direction essential to command this language.

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    A wonderful thought by members on inculcating speaking English in our day to day life. It is an important aspect that reading and listening can be best judged only when it is spoken. Regarding webinars, most of them are recorded and will be made available in youtube within a day for reviewing. We can also watch the youtube video to get the missed information, if have an interest on the topic discussed by various panelists.
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    We can learn a language through books or joining classes etc and in our country many of us have learnt English in that way only. Most of the people have started to speak it when they get a company of like minded people speaking in English. Another important thing is that we speak in an indian accent which is of course now accepted everywhere and Indian English has emerged as an offshoot of the main English having its own pronunciation and way of speaking. So as we learn from our friends and relatives or the peer group we also learn the Indian English only. However it is a good idea to learn it from the webinars or You Tube videos and then we get clues for the better pronunciation also though today that is not now a pre requisite for a good English.
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    It is not only pronunciation through webinars we can an idea to draft sentences using proper tenses which is a must in communcating our thoughts in English.
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    There are some very good channels in YouTube where one can learn composing of English sentences and also learn the basic grammar and syntax. They are very popular sites and the instructor gives many examples to understand the language.
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    It is good see the webniars to improve knowledge in vocabulary. It also helps to know information about vocabulary. Yes I attended some webniars, the certificate is of great value, we can edit and write our name in the certificate.

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    Youtube is handy to get the most recorded webinars too. Grammar is a key aspect which helps in improving language.
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