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    When you act in haste you surely spoil the taste.

    The title of thread might sound rythmic but it actually holds a lot of meaning when we observe it in our daily lives.
    Be it food or fine drink, if taken in haste then the real taste cannot be enjoyed. Something's taste best only when taken slowly and with patience.

    Same goes with life also, any hurry in taking big decisions can spoil the complete outcome of the decision.

    This also applies to politics, when one party acts in haste to grab attention of people, it actually hampers its own image.

    It is not a universal law but fits in most situations, so, one must not make haste or a lot of life's taste may go waste.
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    Very attractive tittle and even eligible to be the topic of the week award but the fact remains that anything done in hate would turn out to be waste. Because we tend to do the works in haste for many reasons. That having a grudge on some one in the mind and initiate the work and that turns out be nasty and not acceptable. Having a grudge on the initiator for giving work without paying money for the earlier work done and these kinds of mental disturbing feeling would lead to worst performance. At the home when the wife is making good cooking and tasty food, and if he reciprocation is not perfect from the husband and the children, she would go to the off mood and spoil the cooking for the day for sure. So the mental stability of the persons need to be good to extract best from them otherwise setbacks are for sure.
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    Right, anything that we do in a hurry always ends up without any positive outcome. Making haste is only a step leading closer to disappointment and failures in life. What one expects to achieve while trying to do things fast proves spoiler.
    Be it taking food or any other activity, doing it in haste is never encouraged thing. Always look for better things and ways to earn positive things that would help make a better impact rather receiving a setback.
    Doing things with clam and Patience always does wonders and one gets satisfying results. So, patience is the key to success while doing things in haste always ends up in disappointment.

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    Truly said by the author. We see that sometimes we are not able to succeed in some work or we get partial success. It is also possible that an unforeseen event happens. While analyzing such tasks and results, it is often said that a hasty decision was taken or something should be done more quickly. There are many such turns in our life when we have to take many important decisions. These are decisions that can either make our lives or spoil forever, so at such a time, we should take any decision consciously keeping in mind the present and the future. A person is in a hurry when either he is very happy or is in a lot of dilemmas, in both of these situations, a person should be restrained and should decide with thought.
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    Very true. Hasty decision always brings failure. if you take your meals in hasty then you would never enjoy its taste. So,everything needs patience for getting success. Like wise, if you don't have patience on ISC then you would be unable to learn as well as earn. Hasty work not only make failure us but done work is always imperfect. It can be seen in all walks of life. I have noticed that in some cases, we need to take quick decision but there also little bit patience is required. So, it is necessary for us not to take any decision in haste.

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    In Tamil, there is a proverb, 'Patharaatha kaariyam sitharaathu' which means the work done in haste will spoil the whole.
    While cooking as well eating, hasty action should be avoided as it totally spoil the cooking as well taste. Many people do talk over mobiles or running to the side of television while cooking and thereby the chances of less continuity in cooking is possible. We can add more salt or forget to add salt as both spoil the cooking.
    Similarly while eating if we eat in hurry we can face either half belly or indigestion as we swallow the food without grinding in the mouth.

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    A work done in haste will definitely have some deficiencies. This fact might have been observed by many of us many times. Some people will not plan the works properly and they start running at the last moment.
    When we are in a hurry mistakes bound to happen. If it requires one hour to cook you can't complete the cooking in 55 minutes. If you complete early means the dish might not have got cooked properly.
    Similarly, when we eat also we should eat properly. Then only we will feel the taste of the food. Many people these days start looking at their mobiles while eating. Their mind may be on the cell but not on the item they are eating. So they will never know the taste of the food. It is like an animal eating grass. Similarly, many ladies cook food while they watch the mobile. Then they may do mistakes in cooking and the dish maybe not having the desired taste.
    We should give the optimum time for any work. You can't do it fast.

    always confident

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    This thread has another hidden message which most of the members missed to note. Let's give you all a hint, read the third example and just match it with current burning issues, you will immediately get the picture.

    I know people here are intelligent.

    Live before you leave.

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    Making haste in any work invites mistakes, so the author is absolutely right to point it out that we should not make haste. Often I have faced problems when I did something in Pell mell without pondering over it. But sometimes we come across a situation in which we have to make haste like if someone is working on a post which deals in public relation and the customer is standing on his head and shouting at him to do his work immediately else he will miss his flight, in this situation the person who is sitting behind the counter will have to make haste in doing customer's work. Here is the real test of an employee how much accuracy he keeps intact along with doing the assigned work. or examinee is in examination hall , attempting to solve mathematical questions , time is running out, several questions are still remaining to be attempted, here he will have to accelerate his speed of attempting to solve remaining questions and he has no extra time to think too much .Ticking of clock may get him at wits end if he does not have practice of keeping timing and accuracy together.

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    Anything done in a hurry or haste is going to bring mishaps and worry only in our lives. God has given us ample time to do a good homework and then take a conscious decision for anything to decide in our lives. So, it makes sense to do things with a patience and associated slowness. Many times most of us think that by hurrying up we will be big gainers as we will be the early bird there but unfortunately it harms us when even being an early bird we find that there is no worm ready to be our prey. So, the author has suggested a very nice thing to all of us that never haste and take the things in normal ways.
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