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    Law enforcer without integrity is equal to a criminal without dignity.

    Law is equal for all, but, when the law enforcers become biased they become more dangerous than criminals. Laws are made to run and maintain a civil society where everyone has equal rights to resources and opportunities. In order to accomplish this law enforcers are appointed, so that no one takes due advantage of his position or strength, but, if the law enforcer himself becomes biased then injustice will be a new normal.

    We are very much accustomed to law enforcers taking bribes at traffic stops, many times without even any fault of the common man. A poor person faces lot of difficulty in even filing a simple FIR and has run pillar to post, even educated people face this. Person with such morale working to implement law ends up breaking the law itself.

    Such instances happen because the law enforcer lacks integrity and no such person shall be allowed to be in the such crucial jobs. When there is no integrity then becoming puppet of rich, influential and of those in power is nothing to be surprised of. Such spineless law enforcer can be used to get anything done and hence they can and will be more dangerous than a criminal.

    Such law enforcer are more dangerous to the society than a criminal as they become criminal in a dress.

    For a society and democracy to stay alive and prosper only people with integrity must join the law enforcing department and not otherwise.
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    Nice thread from the author. The law enforcing authorities are not sincere towards the common man as they know his weakness of non awareness of rules would pave them for good income even at the trouble times. Many a time the law enforcing proved to be not acting with integrity and turned to be more criminal than just offenders. When we go to the police station petty cases are being dealt by the police as they know by making them to stay at the station until the late evenings, things would work out to their favor and palm is greased. Poor people are always bothered by the police because they fear about the police visiting their places and later harassment. There is no legal support for the poor at the police station and many poor are sulking with wrong cases hoisted on them because they could not satisfy the local police.
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    True. But unfortunately in our country Lawmakers are the Lawbreakers. When they make the law they know where are the loopholes and how they can manipulate the law. All the problems are starting from there only. Really they are the criminals. But in India, they are the VIPs. Political leaders and the people who are responsible for the governance only will start deviating from the Law and they will get personally benefitted by doing so. But in the entire process public is getting defeated.
    We will make a fence to protect the crop. But if the fencing itself starts eating the crop who can save it? If we go to the revenue department and ask for a certificate, they will make you pay many visits and you have to spend money. They only your work will be done. This is happening at all levels. Unless otherwise, this situation changes we can't see any change in the position of the poor of the country.

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    The author has raised a good issue. The integriry and modus operandi of Law enforcement agencies has been under doubts, but it's not conducive for healthy administration. Main sufferers are common people. As a matter of fact, carrying out duties and responsibilities of law enforcement agencies can be influenced by political personalities, other influential people and monetary Offers. They can't work freely. If they are given arbitrary authority to exercise their duty from all the external factors then they can do justice with their duty and can give justice to all people regardless of their social status.

    If they don't take bribe they will be transferred to any corner or they will be marginalised in their own department . From toe to head all are bound in a chain of authority and they are to abide by the command of hierarchical authority. What they can do if any minister or MLA or MP order to give him certain amount from every police station, what police department can do. So they have no other choice except taking bribe and give him his share.

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    The author has brought up a very important contemporary issue and yes, today this is the biggest question in the minds of people that if the law enforcer has lost the integrity then what would happen to the safety of a common man. The purpose of law enforcer is actually to protect the poor and innocent people from the clutches of evil elements and if he himself is becoming a party to the group of corrupt people then only God can save us. If the protector starts exploiting us then also we are helpless. Corruption makes even the best democracy to fail in its execution and today same thing is happening in our country.
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