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    Be the cause for the success of others

    When you are able, good educated, earning good amount, have spare time and wants to have the connection with others and concerned about their progress and well being, nothing wrong to be a cause for others success. Because a hard worker who managed to achieve the top success alone knows the challenges and the expectations of the seekers and therefore it is better to be a volunteer to help others and be the light house for those who are disturbed in their life without proper guidance from others and they are sulking for many reasons.
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    The author has said the right thing, if we are capable, then we must help them in the success of the times. When we are small we are taught that we should help others. But as people get older, they forget this learning. This learning should never be allowed away from your life. Helping others does not mean that you leave your job and start helping others. It is good for you to help others. When you help someone, it makes you feel positive as well as you feel good. Helping others makes you a better person, with many benefits to you. The aim of human life should be to help others. It has always been observed that people who help others experience less stress, mental peace, and bliss. They feel more connected to their soul, and their life is satisfying.
    Swati Sharma

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    Helping others is always a good trait. If we have money for feeding another person, daily feed one person who is feeling hungry. If you have knowledge share the knowledge with the people who want to know. When you help a person in need, you will receive help for unknown sources also when you want it. So we all should be ready to help.
    Definitely, we should guide the people who are not able to plan their future properly. Based on the experience and knowledge we can advise the people and if they feel that our advice is good, they will follow and may get benefitted.
    Sometimes people will get benefitted by following the advice by others and they will be always admiring the person who advised them. A boy after his B.Tech came to me and asked for a job. He is a very intelligent person and obtained very good marks. I suggested him to do M.Tech as he will get stipend during M.Tech and he will get good jobs after PG. He followed that and he did his M.Tech and got selected for a Scientists post in ISRO. That boy is in touch with me and always he expresses his gratitude for the suggestion I gave him. He says my suggestion changed his thought process and gave him a very good job and future.

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    I appreciate the author for raising this issue. I hope he might have helped several young strugglers.

    First, everyone seems to be self-entered. Most of successful people don't want to see others succeeding in their lives. Hardly , a few people can be seen helping others or advising strugglers how to succeed and achieve their target.

    Second, Apparently, even strugglers don't want any suggestion or help from others. It may be due to their self-confidence or availability of sources or they themselves have knowledge about what they are doing or they don't want to be obliged etc

    In this situation it's useless to offer them any kind of help which is most likely to be ignored. However, if any young struggler approach you for any suggestion or help, then it's your moral duty to support him

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