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    The most important qualification for a human being should be humanity.

    Humanity means humanity, whether it is of any country, of any caste or of any city, the only first objective of all should be to become a good person. In this age of today, man is leaving humanity and moving towards the discrimination of religions created by man. Because of which one person neither considers another person's situations nor helps him.

    Today man-man is becoming an enemy. The basic purpose of the people has been to prove their selfishness, if someone has the interest of money, then someone has the status. In conclusion, we have found that whether it is about any caste dispute or not to help any human being or whether it is against a human being in the name of religion, all of them lack education, understanding lack, and own selfishness.

    People need to follow their learnings and their values. I do not believe that any religion or society would ask to kill humanity. We have to keep humanity on priority, for this, people should start this with their family and give time to the family and understand their importance in our life. If you start from around you, then you will be able to bring humanity socially.
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    If we are capable enough to support or help someone who is looking for help who should come forward to help him. Now a days helping each other is becoming less. People are becoming more and more self-entered. They see others who expect their help in need but almost everybody assumes that it is the responsibility of other people, not mine. Reason of this tendency is that we are becoming materialitic creature where money and wordly things are preferred to humanity. Getting worldly things or making your life more comfortable is not prohibited but forgetting humanity and helping each other on human grounds is not expected from a human. Most important aspect is that you get happiness, glad tidings and blessings.

    Another aspect which the author has focussed is also a fact that many of the people see other person's religion and caste and then decide should they help or not. They forget that all human beings are equal. There should not be any discrimination on the basis of religion or caste. It should be left behind and only human aspect should be seen.

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    Rightly said by the author, nothing is better than showing humanity towards others and that is the best trait one can show as the best behavior to the fellow citizens. Just now I was watching a video shared on social media that a elephant was seen sharing the green tree lush branches to the cow which has no fear but eating along with the big elephant. The big animal could have prevailed upon the small cow and could have driven away, but the sharing and bonding even with animals has really moved my thoughts. And we the human beings are bestowed with 6th sense to know the problems and sufferings of others and thus we becoming a humanity savior is not the big issue at all to appreciate. But many rich are thinking that their earnings and bank balance are permanent and growing but one big loss would snatch away all the goodness of life if humanity is not followed.
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    A human being should be called a human being when he had the humanity in him. Otherwise, why should we call him a human being? When somebody is in a trouble, as a fellow person we should try to help him and see that he will be out of woods. But these days this basic instinct is missing in many persons. Even some people are there who want to encash the difficult situation of the other person. I have seen some such people also. A government doctor who is supposed to treat a patient in the government hospital is asking the patient to join in a corporate hospital where he will treat him. This is the situation these days.
    One should make up his mind that as a human being it is our minimum courtesy that we have to help a person who is really suffering. Giving food to a hungry person and giving medicine to a poor patient who is sick will make them happy and they will pray for your well being forever.

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    We all are humans but only a few have the humanity to help and treat others with compassion. Humanity is a big characteristics which distinguishes between the selfless and selfish people. The essence of happiness lies in having a purposeful life and it would be really purposeful when someone has been benefited by it. There are so many poor, downtrodden persons who are struggling to have two times meals while we are having so many luxuries of the world. We have to have concern for our fellow beings and should try to help them in whatever humble way we can do. Humanity will survive on this planet only when more humans practice it.
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