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    Jobs should be a part of life, not your whole life.

    Today in our society, the only goal of the youth and students is to get a government job. As our people get into the position of thinking about making a career, the only thing they see is a government job.

    The situation is such that even while filling the form, it is not even important to apply for which post, that post is worth them or their choice, not just to get a job. The best time is spent which is the golden period of the whole life. People do not think that there is a lot of options other than government jobs.

    I am not against government jobs, but today is a commercial phase, a variety of businesses are being created in the whole world, for that a workforce is needed. We can give a direction to our society by being part of that workforce.

    Our job should be a part of our life. But it is happening that our job is becoming our life. Realizing the importance of time, choosing the right career for yourself at the right time will be the right decision for your life.
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    Rightly said by the author. Now a days, the only aim of this life is to get a job. As per my observation, most of the parents also force their children for getting job. Since childhood, they have been prepared for getting govt job. But, it is not good to be sticky with govt job. I think, there are many avenues available for making career such as business, music, art, sports etc. We should not waste our life for it. If we easily get govt job then it's ok otherwise it would be very wrong decision to run after it.
    Job is achieved for happiness of life. It has its own position. Definitely, It is part of life. So, job is for life, not life is for job. We should try to choose our career according to choice so as to better growth in life.

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    When the competition is high, when the reserved categories are over loaded, when there is no place for merit and able, then what for those so called government jobs which are not given as per the qualification and abilities of the candidates, but as per the vacancies thus arose. Even engineering candidates are applying for goods and mail express guards and I think such a high qualification not at all required to stop and start the trains. Any ways the rush for government jobs were always there as there is a pension guarantee after retirement and during the service there are lots of allowances and perks. The office timings are not strict, there cannot be strict rules of working culture, and above all one can adjust personal work with official work and so on. But educated persons who are stragglers would not like such inconsequential jobs.
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    It is a general feeling that our job will be secured if we join in a government job. Another feeling is that the workload will be less in government jobs. I don't know how far it is correct. Another point many people consider is that they can make some extra money by doing some side business. So many of the youth these days are opting for a government job. But for a person who is ready to work hard and show his talent, a job in a good MNC is the best. The people who have the knowledge and who want to prosper in the career will find a good job in a good private organisation and they will make good money that too earned with hard work only.
    These days there are very fewer jobs in the government sector and it is very difficult to secure a job in the government sector. One should not waste their time searching for a government job. They should explore all other chances also and go for the best available.

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    The government jobs are treated as passports for the job security, better promotions and perks and lot of other benifits which the employees may not find while working in private sectors. Though duty timing for the jobs has been specified and mostly the employees follow general shifts stating from 9 am but they hardly report in the time alloted to them. Hence considering all the benifits accrued by them in the government sectors, they are not ready to leave their jobs despite the fact that they are basically the graduate engineers but working as a security staff in the government job.
    Apart from the secured environment in terms of service, they are to enjoy a respectable amount of pension after retirement. So why to take risks for the private jobs where efficiency and innovativeness are required to save the jobs? For them the government jobs can provide them secured environment which they may not find in private sectors.

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    Everyone is not enterprising or have capabilities to run ones own business or work. That requires a very hard work and then the chances of success are less as there is cut throat competition in the business world. So, the best course of action is to try for a Govt job and if the person is lucky he can enjoy the whole life in the comforts and convenience of a Govt job. However it is not so easy to get a Govt job today as vacancies has dwindled much in the recent times and Govt is also outsourcing many things and not recruiting people. In any case it is true that Govt job is not the only thing in our lives and there are some other options also which we must examine and pursue.
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    Since the author is a lady so I put it in this way that government jobs are most secured and safe employment for women candidate. It guarantees them to work. Getting job, being regular in job, promotion on higher posts etc all these things, in most of the private companies, are subject to compromise. But in government sector there is no possibility of casting couch practices. This is the other aspect of this issue.
    I agree with the author that most of the educated youth wants job in government sector. There are several reasons for their inclination for government sector.
    - As a government employee they have job security. They can't be fired if their boss is displeased with them. No bossism in government sector will affect them like in private secor.
    - Over the time when they are experienced they are promoted to higher post as per rules.
    - Their pay scale is handsome.
    - Their increment in salary is done as per rules.
    There are several other factors which make government sector as attractive for youth. However, it's not possible for governments to accommodate all of them. Governments have repossibility to create employment opportunities for them . In Bihar elections unemployment is the core issue and 1 million government jobs offer by RJD has attracted almost youth of the state.

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    Because of the growing population in our country there is lots of competition among the youths to get the job. The situation is so worse that people who are highly educated and talented don't get the job as per their qualification. And out of this frustration they apply for the jobs which are not suited for them. The government jobs are considered to be safe jobs as in private jobs there is no surety of the job so people go for the government jobs. It's sad to see that these days even the engineers apply for the peon job if it is government job. This is wrong but what can be done.

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