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    Making your life happy is in your hands only

    We all know that this life is a gift of God. We have to live our life happily and we should make our life beautiful. This is in our hands only.

    We all will have endless desires and we will be always struggling for achieving these desires. In this process, we will forget many important issues which will make us happy. Don't be greedy and never toil unduly for getting the comforts.

    Make the habit of feeling happy with whatever you are having and thank God for whatever He has given you. Never compare your self with others and start worrying about what they have and what you don't have. You don't know what are the problems the other feelings.

    Enjoy nature and its beauty. Your mind will forget all the problems at least for a few minutes and you will get refreshed. This will make your life happy and beautiful.
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    I appreciate the author for excellent content posted in this thread. I too have this opinion in real life. Greed is the root cause of an unhappy life. A greedy of wealth or a highly ambitious person or a devotee of materialism can never be satisfied to what he has achieved and hoarded in his life. He wants more and more till he dies.

    But other face of coin tells other story, if someone has no greed to progress and achieve more in life he will be lagging behind the world. Neither he will have money nor respectable status in the society. He will be marginalised as a downtrodden and underdog. So, question rises what should be the criteria of satisfaction of a person in life. I think if a person has got so much that he can spend his life comfortably and can give a comfortable life to his family, it should be the end point of greed and starting point of satisfaction.

    In saying all this is easy but practically nobody seems to be satisfied to what he has achieved as of now, he wants more.

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    Nice post from the author and what I learned from the life experience that never compare those who are rich and wealthier than us, but always compare with those who are much inferior to us. Though we work hard and even work smart, sometimes the situations are not ripe towards our progress and the setbacks cannot be treated as permanent and we should move ahead with other opportunities as one door closed many doors open for us because this world is not small and we cannot underestimate our own selves capabilities and over coming the situation. Being content with what ever we have have would be the hall mark life without any complaints and hick ups. Once we go for greedy targets, they we are inviting the wrath of life for ourselves and digging the problems for ourselves which was other wise smooth journey.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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